Industry and Company Growth Offer Opportunities at Harmony Healthcare IT

Business Growth

Balance is important.

As the volume of healthcare data continues to skyrocket, the industry is in a full speed ahead mode.

Did you know that healthcare data is one of the fastest segments in the digital universe? Health data grows at 48 percent each year compared to 40 percent for the overall digital universe.

Our team is in it. Since 2006, we’ve worked with hundreds of software brands, billions of records and petabytes of data.

We’ve grown strategically and organically by developing a team of data gurus and savvy thinkers. We collaborate to solve complex clinical data migration issues, and equally as important, have a company culture where everyone knows and cares about each other.

It’s all big stuff. And, we’re on point.

In recent reports by HIMSS Analytics and CHIME, they suggest that vendors that acknowledge the need for intuitively designed products that integrate appropriately with legacy systems are likely to gain – or maintain – their lead in the health IT sector.


We’re focused on the industry, innovation, interoperability and integrating talented team members into the mix. In fact, last year we added many new full-time employees and doubled our internship program with opportunities for eight bright college students.

We are transparent with each team member and continuously strive to build a learning organization so our team members can grow professionally and personally.

Our top organizational strengths as reported in a recent employee survey include:

  1. Vision, Mission and Goals are clear to team members
  2. Management and Leadership support for the team
  3. Teamwork and Colleague Interaction
  4. Innovation – employees make suggestions and are heard
  5. Company Pride — our team is proud to work here

We take the time to help new employees feel like part of the team. This includes an onboarding strategy and offering lunch-and-learns with a cross-section of team members.

We have several annual events that provide opportunities for team building. This includes: family outings to baseball games, an opportunity to participate in local charity walks, volunteering with local organizations to help the community during the holidays, recognizing work anniversaries and playing a monthly round of “Who’s That Team Member?” where we guess based on an employee providing three clues and/or a baby picture.  C’mon… who doesn’t love some of that?!

We recently updated our career listing section on our website and look forward to connecting with people who are a good fit. If that might be you, please take a look.

May 07 2018

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