Healthcare Data Retention Services

If your healthcare organization recently implemented new software, you probably have old displaced software and servers to decommission.

Before You Request a Quote on Data Archiving

Writing a request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP) provides a systematic means for both documenting your health data storage needs and vetting vendors who can best meet them.  Once you’ve decided whether to issue and RFI or an RFP, get started with these:

Best Practice Writing Tips

  1. State the scope of your project
  2. Establish a timeline for vendors to respond
  3. Explain the submission process and document requirements
  4. Write the questions for the RFI/RFP

Accelerate the RFI/RFP writing process with a free template.

Legacy EHR System Archive Template

Download Free Template

Legacy HR and Payroll System Archive Template

Download Free Template

There’s also likely decades of legacy EHR, EMR, and ERP data to store so that state and medical record retention requirements are met.

Data conversion can be costly and complex – a smart and economical option for retention of medical records is data archiving. A solution like HealthData Archiver® supports the long-term data management strategy for your healthcare organization.

It’s important to note that backups are not archives. Having a backup copy of your data is a necessary security measure, but without searchability and health information management workflows for release of information and record destruction, backups are very different than an archive.

Retention Experts.

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