NextGen EHR Data Migration and Archiving

NextGen Healthcare is the number four EHR vendor for ambulatory practices. Continued ambulatory EHR market growth is expected with an increase in the number of surgeries performed in outpatient settings versus hospitals, the growing number of chronic diseases and the rising geriatric population. Now, more than ever, there is a priority for seamless information flow and a focus on meeting regulatory requirements for record retention.

Physician groups, clinics and urgent care centers that are not equipped with the necessary infrastructure to process the skyrocketing volume of health data to coordinate care between clinicians, systems, facilities, and patients, must decide which EHRs they need to keep or if they will transition to a new system. With either path forward, Harmony Healthcare IT can help manage legacy data.

50+ NextGen Completed Projects Provides an Experienced Partner

Healthcare providers who need to move legacy data to or from a NextGen solution can rely on the Harmony Healthcare IT team for rationalization, extraction, migration, conversion, and integration.

NextGen brands we have worked with:

  • NextGen Enterprise,
  • NextGen Ambient Assist
  • NextGen Mobile
  • NextGen Virtual Visits
  • NextGen Office SaaS

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Focused exclusively on healthcare, Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity.

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Our team can

  • Convert NextGen generated documents and screeners in HighEdit, including developmental screenings for children.
  • Ensure MIDMARK or Welch Allyn Spirometry images are accessible.
  • Include dental data including odontograms.
  • Customize the archive configuration around encounter records versus chronologically.

Ambulatory healthcare providers focused on coordinated care need a legacy data solution to support interoperability.

With the 21st Century Cures Act adding interoperability rules, healthcare providers need to be prepared to share health data upstream, downstream, with payers and with patients.

Support from a trusted legacy data vendor enables ambulatory providers to consolidate data silos and archive legacy data with a standard, repeatable process for data extraction, transformation, and load from a source legacy system to a target go-forward system.

Beyond a Systematic Process, Users also Appreciate Customizable Active Archive Features

  • Proprietary templating function. The cloud-based scalable storage platform allows flexible yet standardized visual record views customized per data source, data domain or data type (EMR, ERP, Accounting, HR, etc. with configurable search screen sorting per domain).

  • Single Sign-On. An important feature that ensures users maintain immediate access to legacy data from NextGen and any other vendor that supports SAML 2.0, AES, Crypto-js, or Open ID standards.

  • A/R wind down. Provides comprehensive re-billing and collections of account receivables wind down and ultimately record storage. HealthData AR Manager® equips the collector to refile 837 claims, view full transaction history, post payments, produce reports and comply with regulatory requirements.

Three Steps to Begin a Lifecycle Data Management Strategy

  1. Look at the organization’s EHRs and review the Eight Tips for choosing the right EHR.
  2. Develop a legacy data management strategy and include an inventory of systems that need to be decommissioned with the data migrated to an archive.
  3. Choose an archive partner with the experience to meet your needs. This RFP template provides a framework to support that decision. These 10 Security Questions to Ask your Archive Vendor can protect you and your data.

NextGen Data Migration Case Studies

Harmony Healthcare IT is an “archiver of archives” as our team is frequently called upon to archive a portfolio of legacy systems and existing competitor archives.

AltaMed Case Study

Complex Archive Project Gets Put Back on Track by the Health Data Experts


Regional IDN

Pivots to New Archive Vendor To Hit Hard Deadline and Avoid $1.4M in Monthly Fees


Our Team has Deep Experience with more than 550 Unique Clinical, Financial, and Administrative Software Brands.

Harmony Healthcare IT’s suite of award-winning data management solutions under its HealthData Platform™ – such as HealthData Archiver®, HealthData AR Manager® and HealthData Locker™ – provide options to enable stored data for interoperability leveraging HealthData Integrator®. These integrated solutions can support NextGen data archiving and migration from Nextgen and deliver compliance efforts in a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly manner.

Key Resources


A quick 30-second demonstration of the Single Sign-On integration with HealthData Archiver®.



Ray Lowe, Senior Vice President, and CIO at AltaMed shares his archiving journey.



Archiving for financial systems with AR wind down.


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