Records Management that Reduces Cost and Delivers a Return on Investment

Finance teams looking at the total cost of ownership of maintaining a legacy system—hardware, software, liability, licensing, back-ups, access management, security, operations and training costs—see expenses adding up while also posing substantial cybersecurity and technical risks to the organization.

Harmony Healthcare IT specializes in streamlining the IT software application landscape so that savings in vendor maintenance costs and IT labor can be realized. Implementing a new EHR, ERP or HR system can leave legacy systems running up unnecessary costs. A long-term medical data storage strategy with HealthData Archiver® can save the data and the bottom line.

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Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity.

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Financial Benefits of Implementing HealthData Archiver®

Cost Savings and ROI

An active archive as part of a healthcare legacy data management strategy generally sees an ROI within 18-24 months. System decommissioning experts at Harmony Healthcare IT will work with your IT leader to provide finance with a total cost of ownership and return on investment analysis.

Accounts Receivable Functionality

Avoid being stuck with keeping a full-production legacy billing system up and running simply to allow for A/R wind down. Full patient financial information and A/R management capabilities in an active archive range from simple transaction posting to complete billing functionality. Say no to costly legacy financial system vendor support contracts or the need for additional maintenance resources from IT to support that software.

Security from Breach

Decommissioning servers and transferring legacy patient data brings increased cybersecurity and decreased risks of system failures from outdated equipment and software. There are many business reasons to consolidate your legacy systems into a single and secure archive, but perhaps the most important is the added security of having less systems at risk for attack (which means less potential fines should an outdated system be the target of a data breach).

Data Management Partner with Integrity

Harmony Healthcare IT’s core values include being easy to do business with and exceeding expectations. In the complex technical work we do, we put our values to the test every day. From a partner point of view, you can expect speed (we hit our timelines), quality (we deliver with 100% accuracy) and affordability (we show an ROI within 18-24 months).

Predictable Costs

Harmony Healthcare IT prides itself on scoping fixed fee projects that require few to no change orders down the road. Based on our nearly two decades of experience in records management in healthcare, we are upfront and clear about the scope of work so that there aren’t any surprises along the way. With our hosted software solution or SaaS pricing, fees are reasonable and predictable.

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