System Decommissioning & Data Archiving for Merger & Acquisition

Merging two or more healthcare delivery organizations presents information technology and data challenges. Which EMR system stays? Which one goes? What other duplicate clinical, financial, accounting, materials management and human resources systems need to get decommissioned? The process of evaluating and determining which system becomes legacy and how the data from that system will get preserved to meet record retention mandates and be available to HIM and clinicians is an important one that can impact the success of a merger or acquisition.

Harmony Healthcare IT is regularly called upon to strategize and execute on a legacy data management plan as a result of Acquiring and Merging healthcare systems. That plan may entail extraction, migration, conversion, retention or all of the above. Generally speaking, the business value of adopting an active archive to keep legacy records secured, searchable, manageable, and HIPAA-compliant is in the best interest of the organization. A return on investment is generally realized within 18-24 months by shedding costs from legacy system licensing, maintenance, support, and the internal IT labor burden.

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Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity.

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Benefits of Archiving for the M&A Team

Organizational and Data Storage Scalability

Harmony Healthcare IT is well equipped to extract, convert and migrate data from over 550 clinical, financial and administrative software brands. As your M&A team continues to evaluate future opportunities, you’ve got a secure and trusted data storage platform you can continue to deploy, which doesn’t limit your options for organizational growth.

M&A Technical Playbook

Minimizing the number of redundant or out-of-production applications is a key ingredient to the long-term success of a merger or acquisition. Working with a trusted health data management partner like Harmony Healthcare IT helps provider organizations keep their IT portfolio streamlined, projects on target and budgets under control. By simplifying the environment—as much as possible—to one go-forward EHR and one active archive for legacy clinical data, there are cost, workflow and security benefits to be realized. Plus, there is a strategy put in place to help manage technology decisions and leverage discounted pricing when additional organizations are added through M&A.

Epic Community Connect/Cerner CommunityWorks

HealthData Archiver®, Harmony Healthcare IT’s long-term legacy record storage platform, is easily integrated through Single Sign On (SSO) with go-forward EHRs like Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and athenaNet. For those EHRs with community interoperability offerings (i.e., Epic Community Connect or Cerner CommunityWorks), a tailored pricing schema for data migration and retention may be provided by Harmony Healthcare IT. This allows for a predictable onboarding process as community hospitals, ambulatory clinics or other entities connect to a larger EHR network.


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