eClinicalWorks EHR Migration & Archiving

When there is a decision to upgrade or replace an electronic health record (EHR), like eClinicalWorks® (eCW), decisions must be made about what to do with legacy data that still needs to be retained to meet compliance and legal requirements.

eClinicalWorks is one of the largest ambulatory cloud EHR with revenue cycle, clinical and population health solutions for ambulatory practices, specialists, health centers, urgent care, and hospital systems. The company announced its intent to extend its interoperability capabilities as a Qualified Health Information Network under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) with capacity to exchange more than 200 million clinical records each month. Still, there are organizations where the platform does not fit in their go-forward plan.   

When healthcare providers decide it’s time to move away from an EHR, Harmony Healthcare IT can provide migration and legacy data management services.

Preparing to Migrate to or From eClinicalWorks

First steps

The first step prior to moving any eClinicalWorks data is to create or update a legacy data management strategy. This plan should map out the lifecycle for clinical, financial, and operational data.

Choose vendor partner

Choose an archive vendor partner with the right experience to meet your lifecycle data management needs. This RFP template can help you compare apples to apples

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Unique Considerations for eClinicalWorks Migrations: Avoid Lock Out and File Format Challenges

Each EHR has distinct features that can complicate data management operations. For eClinicalWorks, this includes encrypted Progress Notes that require special steps for unencrypted extraction. As eClinicalWorks most likely hosts the application, they are required to provide the data, which can be transferred in a locked state if certain criteria aren’t part of the project prep.

Additional data management challenges with Progress Notes sometimes occur when clients realize hundreds of thousands of encounters are not finalized and cannot be migrated to an archive in their current form.

Our team can guide you through best practices for smooth data delivery for progress notes and other clinical, financial, and operational data from eClinicalWorks hosted data and documents. We have a very informed process that supports efficient data extraction protocols for eClinicalWorks data. We can help you avoid the stress of data arriving in an unusable or locked format.

Our Experience Benefits eClinicalWorks Customers Seeking Migration Services

Our team has archived hundreds of instances of eClinicalWorks for customers nationwide. It is one of the most requested EHRs for archiving, and our team has developed efficient processes that support rapid timelines, as well as unique data files. Our broad and deep experience with eClinicalWorks supports healthcare delivery teams of all sizes who need to decommission their eClinicalWorks system and retain access to the data to meet record retention guidelines.

Our team at Harmony Healthcare IT brings comprehensive data management experience to the table.

We have worked with more than 550 unique software brands. We put our award-winning practices and solid values into everything we do.
We know eClinicalWorks well and can help your team meet its lifecycle data management goals.

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