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An enterprise-wide, cloud-hosted infrastructure for health data that secures patient, employee, and business records for healthcare delivery organizations.

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Designed for the secure management of protected health information, HealthData Platform™ offers storage, workflows, transactions, and interoperability. This highly scalable solution is comprised of the following options:

Stores records of any type that require ready access by business users. This active archive leverages an intuitive user interface, offering intelligent workflows, notes/comments, and transaction posting.

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Stores and manages legacy financial records that require accounts receivable wind down by revenue cycle users, maintaining necessary interfaces to enable collections.

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Activates archived data for interoperability with third parties through APIs based on common industry standards such USCDI, FHIR, HL7, C-CDA, XML, Direct, and others.

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Provides compliant and cost-effective cold storage of records – without a user interface – that requires occasional (versus daily) file copy access or ODBC connection by an IT-analyst.

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An application rationalization tool that allows for collaborative online documentation of legacy data source details, creating a comprehensive inventory tool to help prioritize a decommissioning schedule.

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Discover how our industry-leading HealthData Platform™ helps organizations preserve vital information, strengthen healthcare delivery, and streamline application portfolios.

HealthData Platform™ is a health data platform management system that manages data across your organization to improve operations and reduce risk, with the ability to scale how and where you need it.

The Robust HealthData Platform™

Compatible & Scalable

The cloud-based platform handles discrete data, documents/images, and diagnostic images (DICOM) from clinical, financial, and administrative software.

Fully Secure

Strict security practices, such as 540+ physical and process controls, wrap around a framework that is HITRUST CSF® certified and HIPAA compliant with 24/7 endpoint monitoring and response.


Integration options include Single Sign-On, Master Patient Index (MPI) backload and synchronization, connections to auditing and reporting tools, and Secure Record Delivery to support Cures Act compliance.

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