Full-Service Legacy Data Management Solutions for Healthcare IT

Reduce labor and maintenance costs of supporting disparate legacy systems while mitigating security risks. We move and preserve patient, employee, and business records – simplifying complex data conversions while streamlining the IT landscape.

From data extraction through migration to archival, we’ve provided health IT leaders with a clear legacy data action plan that optimizes budgets, minimizes risk, and strengthens workflows for internal stakeholders.

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Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity.

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“…Mission accomplished.”

“Our archive is an enterprise-wide win that exceeds our expectations. The solution is smart. The training was simple. The customer service is excellent. Mission accomplished.”

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IT Department Benefits

Product Feature Highlights for IT
  • Single Sign-On, In Context
  • Active Directory Managed Access (LDAP/Open ID)
  • Patient Privacy/Audit Log
  • Browser-based Application
  • Virtual Server Deployment
  • No JRE, ActiveX
  • Role-based Security
Health Data Archiver
Cybersecurity + Risk Mitigation

Your best cybersecurity and risk defense is to limit the number of legacy systems to be safeguarded by consolidating them into a single, secure archive. Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management company with a commitment to securely moving and preserving legacy data. As such, we adhere to 545+ physical and process controls in a certifiable healthcare security framework.  We encrypt data at rest and in-transit.  We audit user activity and internal threats with LDAP and auditing tool integration.

As a first step, take an inventory of the legacy systems in your IT portfolio, identifying out-of-production systems at risk.

Consolidate Data

Decommission legacy servers to consolidate your legacy data footprint. Avoid maintaining 30-40+ legacy (EMR, ERP, GL, Accounting and HR/Payroll) applications running in a read-only mode.

An archive provides secure, streamlined, compliant long-term PHI storage.

Cut Costs for Legacy System Maintenance

Typical return on investment within 12-18 months.

Savings from the maintenance cost of the legacy systems, IT labor to administer those systems, training of users over time on antiquated and out-of-production systems, hardware infrastructure, etc.

Plus, decommission a revenue cycle system early and wind-down A/R by posting transactions in an active archive.

Easy Administration

HealthData Archiver (as the name suggests – this is our data archiving product) is easy to use from the start.

The active archive provides immediate access to historical patient, employee or business data. The web-based solution features release of information workflows, Single Sign-On integrated clinical views, revenue cycle features, eDiscovery capabilities and workflow improvements.

Satisfied Stakeholders + Users

An active archive supports the interoperability, security and workflow efficiencies for all groups that need historical ePHI or other data, such as HIM, Finance, Finance & Accounts Receivable, Legal & Compliance, Clinicians, and Human Resources.

Trusted Vendor with Deep Technical Know-How

Our IT solutions for the healthcare industry, technical management and healthcare IT consulting expertise comes from decades of experience across healthcare.

Besides working with more than 550 different system platforms, we have developed and launched a new fully-integrated financial system and health record, deployed and released numerous clinical and financial product lines, supported the development of the health information exchange, formalized standardizations around claims interchange processes for insurance carrier requirements, networking, security, data analytics, database administration and software development.

Our analysts and programmers have broad project management skills in relational database analysis and programming, ETL services, data integration and medical data interoperability formats best practices.

Access to Worldwide Technology Experts

Our team is an involved member of the Active Archive Alliance, a vendor-neutral trusted source that provides expertise and guidance for the design and implementation of intelligent data management solutions.

With this participation, our team gains access to nearly 12,000 data storage professionals from other industries. In addition, we are involved in HIMSS technical committees, health association boards, and local technical chapters.

Secure Hosting

HealthData Archiver is hosted in a Tier 3, SOC2 certified data center with HITRUST. We currently adhere to 400+ controls in a certifiable healthcare security framework pulling from HIPAA/HITECH, ISO27001, NIST SP 800-53, COBIT, and PCI DSS security standards.

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