With dedicated cloud storage and no user interface (UI), HealthData Locker™ is a cold data storage solution intended for occasional access by a technical resource via file copy or ODBC connection.

HealthData Locker™ is ideal for:

Inactive Data

Inactive healthcare data that needs to be offloaded to free up space for active data, or allow for server decommissioning.

No User Base

Data that won’t be accessed or released daily by staff members requiring a user interface.

Limited Access

Data that may be accessed very infrequently by a technical resource.

OBDC Connection

A potential need to connect to a stored database via OBDC for reporting, utilizing your own reporting tool.



Offers simplicity with which data can be copied or extracted from the source system

High Fidelity

Provides high fidelity of data as it is typically stored in its original or raw format


Allows data to be accessed via file copy and/or an ODBC connection


Offers cloud hosting with multi-region redundancy


Prevents primary and active archive storage from being overloaded with inactive or raw data


Allows for the decommissioning of existing servers, eliminating need to host or maintain data on-premises


Complies with HIPAA privacy and security regulations


Scales to address data growth as part of a comprehensive data management strategy

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Tiered Storage Options

Two tiers of storage are offered within HealthData Locker™. The difference in tiers include access levels, frequency of access, format, and cost.

Tier 1 – File Copy

Gain complimentary access to a copy of the data once every 36 months in a flat file format provided by Harmony Healthcare IT.

Tier 2 – File Copy/ODBC Connection

Gain complimentary access to a copy of the data once annually in a flat file format and/or access to a secure ODBC connection once annually for a two-week period. Connection will be established and disconnected by Harmony Healthcare IT.

Need a user interface to access data on demand across multiple users? HealthData Archiver® and HealthData AR Manager® are active archives offering a user interface, 24/7 record access, optional integration, and rich release of information and accounts receivable wind down workflows for legacy records.

Here's how the options compare:

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