An Archive that Allows for Accounts Receivable Wind-down

When a new financial system is implemented, there are typically outstanding accounts receivable (A/R) records that are not converted to the new software with line item detail. Although keeping the legacy financial system up and running for collectors to work down A/R is an option, this solution often comes with costly vendor support contracts and requires additional maintenance resources from IT.

An active archive like HealthData Archiver® offers interactive transaction posting which support A/R wind down and collection agency management, allowing legacy systems to be decommissioned. By migrating line item detail to an archive to be worked down to zero, costs of legacy system support and maintenance are reduced.

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Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity.

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"....archive detailed account records [...] while continuing to collect what insurance companies and patients owed.”

“Our challenge was twofold. We wanted the ability to keep running AR ourselves and we wanted to avoid paying what the legacy vendor would charge. [...] With Harmony, we were able to archive detailed account records to meet retention requirements while continuing to collect what insurance companies and patients owed.”

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Active Archive A/R Management Benefits

Transaction Posting Module (Add-On)

Post charges, adjustments, and refunds against archived A/R in HealthData Archiver® so that wind-down can happen and the legacy medical billing system can get decommissioned. Includes general ledger exports, patient aged trial balance reports, and paper or electronic patient statements.

Collection Agency Management (Add-On)

Automate the posting of payments collected by the HealthData Archiver® customer’s collection agencies with complete functionality to send payment files and notes files to be processed within the archive. Payments and notes automatically are posted and viewable in the Transaction Posting Module bookmark. Medical office billing staff can continue collection efforts, continue communication between predefined interfaces and G/L systems and produce standard reports and extracts to comply with government agency requirements.

A/R Manager (Add-On)

Continue to access retired data through a web-based portal. Simply initiate a Single Sign-On (SSO) connection from HealthData Archiver® to HealthData AR Manager® and access patient-related data held in HealthData AR Manager®. Functionalities of HealthData AR Manager® includes:

  • Transaction History
  • Transaction Posting/Editing Patient and 3rd Party Liability
  • 837 – Claims Refiling
  • 835 – Remittance
  • Real-time Collector/Agency Management
  • Statements/On-Demand Letters
  • Interfaces (GL, other)
  • Audit Logs
  • Reporting


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