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College students and mental health stuggles

College and Mental Health Statistics: Half of Students Skip Class...

College and Mental Health Report   A day in the life of current college students is very different...

Jul 15
Risks of Ignoring Legacy Data Management

Nine Risks of Ignoring Legacy Data Management

“Abandoned” legacy data left in old EMR/EHRs can create a lot of challenges. While the data is...

Jul 10

Six Ways Legacy Systems Expose Healthcare Organizations to Security Risks

Electronic health record (EHR) platforms have an important and expanding responsibility to enable interoperability to enhance record...

Jun 25 3 min read
Why medical record access is important

Most Americans Report Medical Record Access is Important/Very Important

Our company recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 Americans about their moving habits and the impact...

Jun 11
Active Archives Support Connected Health in Australia

Active Archives Support Australia’s Priority for Fully Connected Health Information

Australia is regarded as a digital health leader with a number of initiatives and programs in place...

Jun 04
Harmony Healthcare IT Legacy Record Indicator

Harmony Healthcare IT Launches Legacy Record Indicator for HealthData Archiver®

Harmony Healthcare IT’s latest first-to-market innovation, Legacy Record Indicator, provides a visual cue in the EHR signaling...

May 20
What is EMR Data Conversion

What is EMR Conversion in Healthcare?

What is an EMR? An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper...

May 15

Finding a New Doctor: 22% Never Find a Primary Doctor...

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than eight million Americans will move in one year. There...

Apr 24
10 things to consider when switching EHRs

10 Things to Consider When Switching EMR or EHR Platforms

When to transition EHR or EMR systems With most healthcare enterprises operating 10 EHRs with 16 EHR...

Apr 24

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