Medical Records Management that meets Regulatory, Security,
Search and Interoperability Best Practices

Legal and compliance teams focused on the integrity, security, find-ability, and interoperability of health information need solutions that deliver. This includes locating relevant protected health information to comply with audits or legal investigations as well as the ability to share records with consumers in accordance with the 21st Century Cures Act. Harmony Healthcare IT supports these needs by migrating historical patient, employee and business records from disparate legacy systems into a secure and accessible active archive.

EHRs get replaced, and often it makes fiscal and functional sense to migrate the last two years of key data into the go-forward system. Record retention requirements can span ten to 25+ years, which makes an active archive with robust search features a viable solution on all fronts. With HealthData Archiver®, legal and compliance teams can retain required records for the duration of the retention period, mitigate legal and security risks, and define a long-term data governance plan that maximizes technology to secure records in a HIPAA-compliant format.

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Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity.

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“…healthcare records are readily available…”

“We recommend healthcare records are readily available, searchable and maintained in a secure system for the required timeframe for each specific record.”

Dawn Garcia Ward
Senior Counsel at Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, in a co-authored white paper with HHIT
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Benefits of HealthData Archiver® for the Legal and Compliance Team

Search Ease

Finding patient, employee and business records to prep for litigation doesn’t have to be a tall order. An active archive supports accurate, efficient, and cost-effective records management. Secure and searchable, HealthData Archiver®—with its consolidated, discrete data stores—simplifies locating historical records. It also lowers associated costs. This matters, as there often are 1,000 pages discovered vs. the 1 page actually entered as an actual exhibit in major trials, and the research can be costly.

Record Retention Compliance

There is a lot to track and manage in terms of  patient document and record retention. When determining how to comply with state regulations regarding legal record retention requirements, legal and compliance retention teams need to consider their strategy that may include:

  • Maintaining the legacy system, which can be costly and present technology and security risks in the future
  • EHR data conversion, which entails converting the data into the go-forward system (an often costly and complex process)
  • Printing and scanning records, which is labor intensive and could be ultimately more cumbersome for locating records
  • Migrating and storing discrete data elements in an active archive, which provides a long-term return on investment as well as an ease of retrieving records

As the #1 most cyberattacked industry, healthcare is getting hit hard. And, of the 93% of providers who were breached in recent years, more than half were breached again (and even again multiple times). Network servers are almost always the target for hacking-related breaches with legacy electronic medical record keeping systems providing easy entry points for attack. In a HIMSS cybersecurity survey, 69% indicated that they had some sort of legacy operating systems in place. An active archive provides a secure path forward and an opportunity to consolidate and decommission legacy servers which decreases risks.

Audit Trails

Privacy and security for your legacy data stored in an archive is as important as for active EHR records. Within HealthData Archiver®, rights and activities can be restricted and audited by user, role, group, and data domain/source with built-in, role-based security and access controls. User audit logs are HIPAA-compliant and include the unique user ID, data subject ID, function performed, and date/time event was performed. With Third-Party Auditing Integration, unusual user activity may be monitored to prevent internal threats.

Break the Glass

Protecting the privacy and security of all medical records, both current and legacy— including those of high-profile patients—is important. HealthData Archiver® has numerous features built-in to manage, audit and protect legacy health records. Break the Glass provides:

  • End user access to privileged patient information only when necessary or in the event of an emergency, requiring that a reason to access the patient record be indicated.
  • A Client Administrator option to add a gatekeeper who is responsible for managing Care Team Member access for ighly classified patients.
  • Extra additional security measures, including explicit auditing of user authentication, authorization, and data level access.


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