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Dominic King Blockchain Testimonial

Built on its legacy of first-to-market innovation, Harmony Healthcare IT has been exploring the potential impact of blockchain in healthcare by participating in the Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force, a part of the Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Committee at HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc.).

Volunteers on this HIMSS Task Force explore and educate the healthcare community on the practical applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Members are tasked with highlighting real-word examples of the technology’s use, creating resources to better understand the technology and considerations for implementation, and sharing subject matter expertise on the various use cases to which the technology can be applied.

“Being a member of the HIMSS Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force has been an awesome experience,” says Dominic King, Software Engineer at Harmony Healthcare IT.  “I have been able to work with a number of hugely talented people from organizations like Microsoft, The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Optum – to name just a few.”

King volunteered to contribute to the group about a year and a half ago, excited about the impact that blockchain could have on healthcare – particularly in how it could give patients more control over their data, and how it could help improve the data sharing process among healthcare organizations.

“We organize into working groups within the task force in order to accomplish specific goals like writing articles or creating education material,” says King. “I recently contributed to an article published on Blockchain in Healthcare Today™ called Blockchain, Interoperability, and Self-Sovereign Identity: Trust Me, It’s My Data.  In the article, our group covers the high-level problem facing Healthcare and how blockchain might be applied to establish self-sovereign identity and a consent audit trail for the patient’s digital identity.”

In addition to this article, King was also a co-contributor of some foundational content on the HIMSS website that defines blockchain, dispels some myths associated with it, and covers specific use-cases for the industry like Digital Identity Management, Financials, Insurance & Records, Clinical Research & Data Access/Monetization and Health Supply Chain Management.

“Eventually, I hope to leverage my knowledge and experience from the task force to implement blockchain solutions that can improve how we use and manage healthcare data between industry stakeholders,” says King.

The team at Harmony Healthcare IT is proud of King’s active role in the industry and his commitment to be a part of this transformational distributed ledger technology.

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The article in reference was originally published by Blockchain in Healthcare Today, Vol. 3., 2020. DOI: https://doi.org/10.30953/bhty.v3.122. For more information, contact the corresponding author listed.
Feb 20 2020

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