Preserving Vital Information to Improve Lives

About Harmony Healthcare IT

Harmony Healthcare IT is a data management firm that moves and stores patient, employee and business records for healthcare organizations. To strengthen care delivery and improve lives, vital information is preserved and managed in a way that keeps it accessible, releasable, usable, interoperable, secure and compliant.

Since 2006, our US-based team of experts has worked with over 550 unique clinical, financial and administrative software brands used in healthcare delivery organizations. That work includes the archival of competitive archives, which speaks both to the grit with which the team executes in providing professional services and to the intuitive workflows that are built into the award-winning product offering.

  • Named #1 data extraction, migration, and archival healthcare IT company for four years running (2019-2022)

  • Consistently rated highly and winner of Category Leader in Data Archiving

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve vital information that will improve lives. This is a tall order that we take seriously in the work we do for our healthcare clients around the US, Canada and beyond. We see our work as integral in improving healthcare outcomes with access to the complete, historical patient narrative. We push forward with technology and solutions that truly make a difference.

Our Focus

We are focused primarily on healthcare, servicing more than 500 customer accounts. Whatever the legacy data needs – we get it done.

This includes offerings around the lifecycle of data, ranging from application portfolio rationalization to data extraction, migration, conversion, retention, integration and destruction. It also includes our comprehensive offering, HealthData Platform™. This enterprise-wide solution addresses the full data lifecycle, designed specifically for data storage, workflows, transactions and interoperability.

Our Products at a Glance

Our customers’ legacy systems get inventoried and prioritized in an online application rationalization tool called HealthData Planner™. As decisions are made to decommission a legacy system, structured and unstructured data is either extracted and converted to a go-forward system (i.e., Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH) or migrated and secured onto one of our HITRUST CSF®-certified cloud-based storage solutions, then activated for interoperability.

  • HealthData Archiver® stores records of any type that require ready access by unlimited business users leveraging a UI with intelligent workflows (i.e. release of information for HIM users or single sign-on for clinicians as integrated on marketplaces for leading electronic health record providers).

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  • HealthData AR Manager® maintains necessary interfaces to claims scrubbers, clearinghouses, lockboxes, general ledgers, and statement firms, to store and manage legacy financial records that require complete accounts receivable wind down by revenue cycle users.

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  • HealthData Locker™ provides secure, cost-effective, long-term storage of records that requires only occasional IT-analyst access to files for compliance or disaster recovery.

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  • Records are activated for interoperability with other systems, entities or consumers via HealthData Integrator®, which provides a set of tools or APIs based on common industry standards such as USCDI, FHIR, HL7, C-CDA, XML, or Direct.

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