Harmony Healthcare IT Launches DICOM Viewer for Medical Image Archival


HealthData Archiver®️ expands functionality with Single Sign-On access to comprehensive historical image records which supports more informed treatment decisions, improved workflows, and cost savings.

DICOM Viewer for Medical Images

Harmony Healthcare IT, a first-to-market innovator of legacy data management solutions, today announced it has added a DICOM Viewer for medical imaging as an expanded feature of its flagship HealthData Archiver® product. With this solution, healthcare delivery organizations now can archive and interact with medical images within the cloud-based legacy data management solution. This advancement offers numerous benefits from other vendor neutral archives (VNA) that provide static PDF images located in multiple systems which limit the clinician’s ability to see the whole patient story in one place.  

The HealthData Archiver® DICOM medical image viewer is an all-inclusive option that utilizes the standard Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format for radiology, cardiology, orthopedics, pathology, mammography, and ultrasound files. It provides clinicians with a wide range of features and functionality to review, compare and utilize historical image files alongside current studies.  

“The goal of a simplified comprehensive patient record took a step forward today,” said Jon Grenier, MPA, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Harmony Healthcare IT. “With the HealthData Archiver® DICOM Viewer, clinicians now have Single Sign-On access with expanded functionality to review numerous legacy image files. This supports deeper investigative care and enhances interoperability options with the ability to interact with current and historical image records from within the go-forward EHR.” 

DICOM Viewer Key Benefits:

  • Improved workflows

    Clinicians utilize the Single Sign-On integration from the go-forward EHR (such as Epic or Cerner) to the HealthData Archiver® archive and can now also access DICOM images that are displayed in a study panel of sometimes hundreds of images that are linked to the study reports. Plus, additional information is available by using the More+ feature. Without the viewer, historical image files would be stored as static PDFs.

  • Useful features and functionality

    Users can view measurements and annotations. There is a download option to JPG or PNG, plus numerous viewing options such as stack scroll (links series of images), collapsing/expanding images, zoom/magnify, pane, reset, 2DMPR, and more.

  • Cost benefits

    With the HealthData Archiver® DICOM Viewer installed, other less robust Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solutions can be rationalized and decommissioned. Additionally, the cost burden of trying to migrate historical DICOM images into a new go-forward EHR system can be avoided which is helpful as most EHR vendors charge fees per inquiry.  

With broad experience with more than 550 software brands, Harmony Healthcare IT now can archive DICOM files from even more EHRs including: Varian’s Aria, ONcEMR, Cerner Imaging and others. DICOM storage and hosting will be in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) utilizing DICOM Google Cloud Healthcare API which is a DICOMweb standard.  

As healthcare delivery organizations continue to consolidate and decommission legacy applications to adhere with the government regulations and best practices for data management, archiving complete clinical, financial, and business records is a cost-effective, secure, and reliable solution. 

For more information, check out the HealthData Talks podcast and contact the Harmony Healthcare IT team to schedule a comprehensive DICOM Viewer demo.  

Note: The DICOM Viewer is for informational purposes only and should not be utilized to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease or to alter the structure or function of the body. The DICOM Viewer is not an approved DICOM viewer by the Food and Drug Administration and is not classified as a certified medical device. Users will confirm compliance with applicable standards and regulations.   

Harmony Healthcare IT is a data management firm that moves and stores patient, employee, and business records for healthcare organizations. To strengthen care delivery and improve lives, vital information is preserved and managed in a way that keeps it accessible, usable, interoperable, secure, and compliant. Since 2006, its US-based team of experts has worked with over 550 unique clinical, financial, and administrative software brands used in U.S. and Canadian healthcare delivery organizations. Harmony Healthcare IT has been consistently ranked as the #1 data extraction, migration, and archival healthcare IT company according to Black Book™ Market Research for four years (2019-2022) as well as ranked #1 in the 2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report as a Category Leader in Data Archiving. 

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Nov 14 2022

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