The simplicity of HealthData Archiver® was what won us over.
Tara Williams
Director, MSN, RN Information Systems, IU Health, Bedford Hospital

Meet data retention requirements, cut costs and fortify cybersecurity defenses by consolidating information silos with a healthcare data archiving and storage solution designed to provide secure, easy access to legacy patient, employee or business records.

How do Data Archiving solutions compare?

How do Data Archiving solutions compare?
Score Breakdown: 
  • A+=95.0+
  • A=91.0-94.9
  • A-=88.0-90.9
  • B+=85.0-87.9
  • B=81.0-84.9
  • B-=78.0-80.9

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User Workflows

This active archive, with an easy-to-use interface and rich workflows, is intended for daily use by a variety of users.

Health Record Icon

Health Information Management (HIM)

Release of information, addenda and record purging/destruction workflows

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Patient-context Single Sign-On record access from the go-forward EHR

Revenue Icon

Revenue Cycle

Collection workflows and agency management of transaction files for AR wind down


Human Resources

Access to employee records like W2s, payroll, time and attendance, OSHA, exposures, etc.

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A/R Management

Post charges, adjustments, and refunds to wind down archived patient A/R records with Transaction Posting Module. When bundled with Collection Agency Management, receives and auto-posts inbound transaction files from outsourced collection agencies.

Clinical Views

View or share lab results, flow sheets, growth charts or other clinical data to make informed care decisions.


Search across structured data to fetch clear and concise results.

Data Views

Group, expand or collapse data and document categories for optimal user display preferences.

Error Correction and Alternate IDs

Strike-thru errors, upload addenda and link duplicate accounts to ensure accurate record storage.

Standard Reporting

Generate standard audit reports with record access date and time stamps at the user or patient level.

DICOM Viewer

HealthData Archiver® is able to provide a complete cloud based medical image archive that includes a comprehensive DICOM Viewer in the standard Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image format. This solution supports multiple modalities including radiology, cardiology, oncology and more.

Notes and Comments

Create and store unlimited notes and make comments according to HIPAA requirements.

Release of Information (ROI)

Filter records and use templates to efficiently comply with ROI requests on-demand or in-bulk.

Role-based Security and Access Tracking

Restrict and audit user activities by individual user, role, group, and/or data source. Includes Break the Glass capabilities.

Sort and Filter

Quickly configure your views to search across multiple data points with easy to use sorting and filtering.

Want more comprehensive collections management for A/R wind down?

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Single Sign-On from EHR

Eliminate the need for manual login by seamlessly connecting clinicians from the active EHR, in context, to the patient’s historical medical record. Available for most major EMR brands. Oauth/OpenID, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) and other formats supported.

Legacy Record Indicator

Provides a visual cue in the EHR signaling when there are patient records linked in the active archive, HealthData Archiver® (currently available for Epic). This advanced feature empowers healthcare providers with immediate knowledge that a historical patient record is present, saving time and clicks.


Pre-define required reports as a part of the data storage planning process. Connect an ODBC/JDBC reporting, analytics, or business intelligence tool of choice (e.g., Crystal Reports®, Qlik®, Tableau®, Microsoft Power BI, SAP®), to make data dictionary and schema available to technical resources who then self-serve on-demand.

MPI Backload

Link historical patient records to a Master Patient Index (MPI). This greatly reduces manual or fuzzy logic patient matching, thereby increasing patient context accuracy when accessing patient records via Single Sign-On and establishing a foundation for interoperability and future integration projects.

MPI Synchronization

After establishing the MPI foundation with historical patient records in HealthData Archiver®, leverage HealthData Integrator® to update the historical patient ID with the go-forward EHR, using a form of HL7 to link and unlink records when a merge or unmerge request has taken place keeping both systems in sync.

Third-Party Auditing

Ensure that archived data within HealthData Archiver® is monitored for unusual activity and compliance through an integrated third-party monitoring platform like FairWarning. The solution captures audit activity from login to logout so administrators can rest assured the privacy and security of protected health information is covered.

Secure Record Delivery

The 21st Century Cures Act requires healthcare providers to provide extensive patient access to their electronic medical records. With Secure Record Delivery, enable the transmission of an archived historical patient chart to a designated EHR endpoint.

Data Export/Sharing

Export legacy data from HealthData Archiver® and HealthData AR Manager® and share it with population health management applications, data warehouses, APIs, dashboard/visualization tools, HIEs, research teams, and more.

Note: Some features and options shown on this page require additional costs.

What is our data conversion and archiving process?

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Don’t just take our word for it.

When to Archive

  • System Replacement
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Software Migration/Sunset
  • Facility Closure/Relocation
  • Provider Retirement/Death

Why Archive

  • Reduce costs of legacy system maintenance while meeting record retention guidelines
  • Fortify defenses against cybersecurity threats
  • Eliminate data conversion issues with healthcare data storage solutions
  • Access historical data at point-of-care with integrated archiving software
  • Consolidate acute, ambulatory and other business data silos with archive document data storage

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