Data Archiving | Secure Storage of PHI

First, we convert your full database, not just demographics or balance- forward financials, into a relational database. Next, we optionally scan in copies of any old paper charts. Then, we index all of that data and make it searchable by account ID, name, social security number or data source.

Bottom Line: We streamline your IT plan, help you recoup valuable paper chart storage space and ensure compliance with medical record retention mandates for the next 10-25 years.


When To Archive

  • System Replacement
  • System Acquisition
  • System Migration
  • Practice Closure/Relocation
  • Provider Retirement/Death

Why To Archive

  • Reduce cost of legacy system and paper chart maintenance
  • Minimize risk of litigation and audit
  • Eliminate data conversion issues
  • Simplify access to historical data for care collaboration
  • Merge data silos, both acute and ambulatory, easily


Contact us to learn more about health data archiving, and, be sure to check with your attorney, state medical society or AHIMA on medical record retention requirements that affect your organization.

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