Medical and Employee Records Release Services

Release of information service for healthcare providers facing facility/departmental closures or M&A

When healthcare providers or their trustees choose to outsource their release of information process, they need an experienced and knowledgeable agent. Harmony Healthcare IT, an industry-leading data management firm, offers a secure and accurate Records Release service so requestors such as patients, payers, lawyers, or employees may conveniently and securely request medical, employee or business records online at

With the Harmony Healthcare IT team, providers of all sizes can rely on the firm’s:

  • broad experience with handling data from more than 550 clinical and financial software brands
  • HITRUST CSF® certification with the most widely adopted security framework and certification in healthcare

How does it work?

While each hospital or medical practice closure, merger, and/or acquisition situation is unique – generally – medical Records Release services and employee Records Release services may include:

  • Data extraction from legacy systems (clinical, financial, or administrative)
  • Discrete data storage in an active archive that includes release of information workflows
  • A web landing page for requestors to learn about the Records Release process
  • Secure information release to requestors such as patients, employers, and third-parties
  • A detailed audit trail of the Records Release process with date and time stamps

What makes our Records Release process different?

As a leading health data management and active archiving firm, Harmony Healthcare IT is at the forefront of privacy and security policies for patient and employee records management. In addition to complying with the provisions of the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we are HITRUST CSF®-certified. There is a difference between HIPAA and HITRUST, and, both are needed. It’s important to understand the added layer of protection that HITRUST brings.

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The Value of HITRUST

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Facility closing or M&A on the horizon? Plan ahead.

We can help you ensure there is a plan to keep medical and business records secure, accessible and deliverable to requestors.

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Record Retention and Accessibility

According to state guidelines, as well as provisions set by HIPAA and the 21st Century Cures Act, patient records must remain accessible after closure or merger/acquisition. While most healthcare records must be retained for a minimum of six years to meet HIPAA regulations, other factors such as state mandates, medical condition, or patient age can require a medical record retention duration of 20+ years. 

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retention regulations
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Reasons Medical and Employee Records are Requested

Future release of information may be needed for:

  • Patient care icon for Records Release services

    Patient Care

  • Litigation icon for Records Release service


  • Insurance auditors icon for Records Release service

    Insurance Audits

  • Workers' compensation icon for Records Release services

    Workers’ Compensation

  • Validation of employment for Records Release services

    Validation of Employment

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