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Data extraction is the critical first-step when replacing one EHR with another.

Data extraction is the critical first-step in the process of replacing one EHR with another. An accurate, discrete EMR data extraction sets the stage for successful subsequent processes (like transformation and load) that will result in a medical data conversion or patient data migration that IT and data governance teams can be proud of.

Harmony Healthcare IT, an industry leader in data management solutions, has been ranked as the top data extraction and migration healthcare IT company according to Black Book™ Rankings, a division of Black Book™ Market Research. For over a decade, we have specialized in EMR extraction from both acute and ambulatory source systems of all kinds – spanning different software brands, database types and areas of healthcare – across the US and Canada.

Data Extraction Experts

Harmony Healthcare IT is an award-winning data management firm with a proven ability to extract, migrate and archive data with 100% integrity.

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Extraction Experience With Over 550
Software Brands

We have extracted or migrated patient, employee or business records from over 550 EHR and ERP brand names. That includes the major leading EHR brands you would expect like EPIC, Allscripts, Cerner, CPSI/Evident, eClinicalWorks, GE, Greenway, Healthland, McKesson, Medhost, MEDITECH, NextGen and Practice Partner.

It also includes the “rest” of the EMR brands with less market share as well as what most would consider the one-off or even home-grown EMRs with even lower install rates.

If it’s software in a healthcare setting, chances are we’re familiar with it or can quickly become familiar.

Extraction Experience With Multiple
Database Types

Over the years, clinical systems have been developed in a vast array of database types. So, it follows that our healthcare and patient data extraction experience spans a variety of database schemas – some of which are more complex and drive the level of difficulty of the EMR data extraction (i.e., Cache versus MSSQL).  Here are some databases we have worked with – whether through front-end or back-end access (note: we’ve even been able to strip data out of reports when database access wasn’t available):

  • AccuCOBOL*
  • Btrieve
  • C-TreeACE
  • Cache
  • Firebird
  • Gupta/OpenText SQLBase
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Informix
  • IBM Rocket
  • MicroFocus COBOL*
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Fox Pro
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Progress
  • Sybase

* with data driver overlay

Extraction Experience in All Areas Of Healthcare

While many EMR extraction vendors might specialize in pulling data only from acute or ambulatory systems (not both), we extract data from
systems spanning the continuum of healthcare. Large enterprise health systems are our mainstay. We excel at inventorying, prioritizing, extracting, migrating and archiving data from complex legacy system portfolios. That includes clinical, financial, business and administrative data from inpatient and outpatient systems. We perform ERP and EMR data extraction for
health systems, hospitals, and medical practices of any size. We also
manage data for labs, blood banks, perinatal units, community health centers, long-term care centers, retail health clinics, pharmacies, dental practices, correctional facilities, student health centers, payer
and more.


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Case Study

Parish Hospital

EMR data extraction from CPSI/Evident to Cerner



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