Healthcare Data Destruction Services

Due to varied state record retention requirements,
many organizations choose to individualize their
destruction and purging practices.

Some healthcare facilities choose to keep every patient record in perpetuity. This requires a secure storage solution with workflows for health information management professionals, clinicians, compliance officers and/or human resource representatives. Other facilities follow a strict retention and destruction policy of medical records that includes destruction of records at designated times based on specific criteria.

The archiving specialists at Harmony Healthcare IT routinely consult with both types of healthcare
organizations about how our technology can be applied to their preferred retention and disposal of medical records policies.

The features of HealthData Archiver®, our long-term record storage solution, are continually updated to support the numerous requirements for clinical and employee data lifecycle management.

A few industry-leading purge features built into HealthData Archiver®, include:

  • Purge Rules
  • Automatic or Manual Purge
  • Proof of Purge
  • Purge Delay

If your healthcare organization is planning to decommission legacy EMR or ERP applications, the patient and employee data should be extracted, migrated, and secured in an archive with features that match your record retention and destruction policy of medical records. Learn more about purging and many other features of HealthData Archiver® by scheduling a demonstration with one of our archiving specialists.

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