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At Harmony Healthcare IT, the client experience is at the forefront of everything we do.

Support is about more than just operating a help desk and taking care of tickets in a timely manner. While those items are important, we strive to ensure the client experience is first-class and your needs are met. It’s crucial that our team truly care about our clients. Harmony Healthcare IT puts the clients’ needs first.

Hear more about our customer service and how we measure and track it from our Director of Client Experience.

Our team of technicians and medical record retention specialists are always available to help. We offer helpdesk support 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

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Meet the Support Team

Here are just a few of the team members that support our clients so they have success.

Ken Hosinski

Ken Hosinksi

Support Analyst II - HealthData Platform™

#InHarmony since 2005

“The best part of being in support is the interactions with my customer. It’s a good feeling helping them through theirs issues.”

Pam Maxwell

Pam Maxwell

Applications Support Analyst - Records Release Coordinator

#InHarmony since 2019

“Without knowing why a client is requesting records, there is great comfort in knowing that we provide comprehensive historical record often the same day as we received their Request & Authorization.”

Gail Hearne

Senior Support Analyst - Medical Manager

#InHarmony since 2008

“I love working with the clients because everyday is different. I feel a great sense of satisfaction getting to resolve theirs issues.”

Michael Hilton

Michael Hilton

Support Analyst II – HealthData Platform™

#InHarmony since 2016

“I enjoy being able to use my years of data experience to help grow client satisfaction to the highest level possible.”

Melissa Bettinger

Melissa Bettinger

IT Project Manager – Upgrade Coordinator

#InHarmony since 2022

“Our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional client experience. Whether working with a client to schedule an upgrade or tracking tasks to keep a project plan timeline, I enjoy providing clients with the best service.”

Mike Edmisten

Director of Support Services

#InHarmony since 2021

“Client experience is more than just satisfying clients; it’s creating loyal fans. I enjoy working in client experience because I get to delight our clients with exceptional service and value, and turn them into advocates for our products.”

Harmony's exceptional support team epitomizes efficiency and timeliness. Their unwavering dedication ensures that every inquiry is met with swift and expert assistance.
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