Patient Identity Management Services

Ensure accuracy in access to legacy records.

An accurate patient identity management system, throughout an enterprise, supports smooth operations and an enhanced patient experience. Consolidating legacy data from disparate systems across a healthcare delivery organization into a central active archive, like HealthData Archiver®, is a foundational step to support patient identity management that aligns with the active electronic health record (EHR). Harmony Healthcare IT offers three levels of patient identity management services, each with varying matching precision—Single Sign-On, MPI Synchronization, and MPI Management.

Clinicians have witnessed a medical error caused by patient misidentification
Average records with a duplicate record creation rate of 8-12% per year
Denied claims from patient misidentification, costing hospitals $1.5M on average in 2017
Large hospitals reported difficulty accurately identifying patients through EHR

Want accurate legacy records?

Harmony Healthcare IT, an award-winning data management firm, can improve your MPI strategy

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The Need for Accurate Records

As the 21st Century Cures Act mandates electronically sharing health records with consumers within a period of time, there is a more aggressive push to ensure accuracy in linking accounts between the active EHR and HealthData Archiver®. Deploying patient identity management healthcare solutions with HealthData Archiver® increases the odds of a precise match since many legacy applications often lack a Master Patient Index (MPI) or contain duplicate accounts.

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The Three Levels

Harmony Healthcare IT offers three levels of patient digital records identity management technology based on the effectiveness of your organization’s existing MPI strategy or its desire to improve it or implement one.

Good: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Implement SSO from your EHR to HealthData Archiver® to enable fuzzy logic matching based on a combination of First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, and/or Date of Birth.

Ideal for organizations that:

  • Do not have an existing MPI strategy in place and do not have plans or ability to implement one
  • Want to improve the HealthData Archiver® end user experience

This option is available but not recommended as a suitable solution for interoperability due to lower precision in passing patient context for SSO.

Better: MPI Synchronization

Complement SSO implementation from your EHR to HealthData Archiver® with an MPI backload that will more precisely link historical patient records to an MPI. This linkage both greatly increases patient matching accuracy and establishes a foundation for interoperability and future application programming interface (API) integration projects. With the foundation of an MPI backload in HealthData Archiver®, a form of HL7 may then be leveraged to link and unlink records in a way that will keep historical records in HealthData Archiver® synchronized with active records in your EHR.

Ideal for organizations that:

  • Have an existing MPI strategy in place and are satisfied with the accuracy
  • Desire high precision SSO patient context matching in conjunction with current MPI tool/vendor
  • Are focused on compliance with the 21st Century Cure’s Act and future interoperability integration opportunities

Best: MPI Management

Implement or upgrade an MPI strategy by adopting a third-party unique patient identifier that leverages referential data. Backload these identifiers into HealthData Archiver® to provide highest SSO precision in conjunction with the HL7 Interface to link and unlink records with your EHR. This linkage not only keeps the historical patient records in sync with your EHR but also bounces the demographic data against a broad reference data set. This referential match typically outperforms traditional EHR MPI matching solutions as it offers a higher accuracy rate.

Ideal for organizations that:

  • Do not have an existing MPI strategy in place
  • Have an MPI in place but not satisfied with the accuracy thresholds in existing process
  • Are focused on compliance with the 21st Century Cure’s Act and future interoperability integration opportunities
  • Are experiencing M&A activity that demands a robust, long-term solution

Pain points around patient matching:

  • Duplicated records
  • Errors & mistakes
  • Lost staff time
  • Increased costs

Benefits of a precise patient match:

  • Improved record quality
  • Minimized errors & fraud in patient records
  • Enhanced data integration/exchange
  • Decreased costs from operational efficiency
  • Increased patient safety & care
  • Less human intervention & quality assurance


HealthData Archiver®

HIPAA-compliant storage of protected health information (PHI) and employee or business data from legacy software.



Single Sign-On Demo

A quick 30-second demonstration of the Single Sign-On integration with HealthData Archiver®.



HealthData Integrator®

Achieving a timely and seamless flow of health information requires a long-term data management strategy that includes integration.

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