Application Rationalization Consulting

Tech rationalization consultation on the who, what,
when and how of data management

Application Rationalization Consulting

  • How many out-of-production systems are in your application portfolio?
  • Is your legacy data readily available to users?
  • Or is it trapped and difficult to access or share?

For large healthcare organizations in the US and Canada, it’s not uncommon to find 30-40 legacy systems. These acute, ambulatory, clinical, financial or business systems deliver little production value, yet account for substantial maintenance costs.

It’s Time to Streamline

It’s time to make data available, reportable, researchable, and interoperable. It’s time to mobilize planning to make medical records available to consumers as mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act.

Our rationalization consulting services help identify options that will:

  • lower costs
  • reduce risk
  • fortify cybersecurity defenses by decommissioning out-of-production applications
  • making legacy data more accessible to users and patients.

That accessibility may come in the form of data extraction, migration, conversion, or retention initiatives—all prioritized, synthesized and mapped into a full legacy data
management strategy

A team of our rationalization consultants will work with your IT, HIM, Revenue Cycle, Clinical, HR and Regulatory stakeholders to gather the information necessary and aggregate a set of findings and cross-departmental user specifications. Any recommended options will ensure that protected health, employee and business records meet regulatory compliance, research and reporting requirements defined by your regulatory compliance team.

We can help you create a customized application rationalization strategy with guidance and resources to:

  1. Inventory the complete IT portfolio of applications with key information such as:
    • System static dates
    • Contract renewal dates
    • Data types and amounts
    • Age of the application and its infrastructure
    • Technical/legal risk exposure
    • System subject matter experts on staff
    • Data conversion needs, and more
  2. Review the business needs, value and fit of the applications
  3. Assess the total cost of ownership (includes hardware, software, maintenance, and labor costs)
  4. Help prioritize project plans to decommission certain applications and archive the legacy data that must be retained to meet requirements
  5. Communicate internally to stakeholders
  6. Craft a data management strategy that supports the complete lifecycle for clinical, financial and administrative applications
  7. Create a timeline and system to track progress of project plans
  8. Develop a plan to prioritize and continue ongoing IT application rationalization

What sets the Harmony Healthcare IT team apart?

Our team has broad and deep experience with more than 550 unique clinical, financial and administrative software brands. We often are called on to step in when other projects have stalled or reached a challenge that requires technical acumen and agility that only comes from our experience.


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