Creating a Legacy Data Management Strategy

Creating a Legacy Data Management Strategy
Thinking about how to manage legacy data for your healthcare organization can seem daunting, especially when many larger enterprises may have data from 30+ out-of-production systems to consider. IT Directors often tell us they know their old systems are costly to maintain and carry other risk factors, yet, they don’t take action.  With other pressing tasks at hand, legacy data management just never seems to take a front-seat priority.

  • What if there was a starting point?
  • What if there was a process to guide you through the necessary steps to take action?

The data experts at Harmony Healthcare IT have put together a process that has helped hundreds of ambulatory and acute care organizations evaluate their legacy clinical, financial, HR and ERP system portfolio to create a Health Data Life Cycle Management Strategy that works. The process guides providers through a system inventory, financial forecast and system prioritization for decommissioning legacy systems enterprise-wide. It provides details to outline a five point strategy that is customized for each organization and rounded out with a commitment for collaborative execution. Perhaps the best part of the strategy is that it identifies significant areas to mitigate risks and provide cost savings.

Are you searching for a starting point to shore up your legacy systems and related data? Look no further.  Review or download the infographic and then  contact the data experts at Harmony Healthcare IT today to get started.

Editor’s Note: This blog was updated from a prior version published October 13th, 2016

Jun 27 2018

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