Our Process

Developing a solid legacy data management strategy can help reduce the risk,
labor burden and cost of maintaining out-of-production software applications in
healthcare organizations.

System Inventory

First, identify the systems to be addressed as a part of the migration or archive project. This includes clinical, financial, HR, and ERP systems in both ambulatory and acute care settings.

Financial Forecast

Estimate maintenance costs, IT labor burden, and potential compliance penalties associated with systems. This will inform a budget and return on investment for the project.

System Prioritization

Next, consider the decommissioning schedule based on go-live dates, accounts receivable wind-down schedules, system failure risks, and data conversion or abstraction plans.

Analyze all the data collected and distill it down into a Legacy Data Management Strategy, which will be used to guide your system decommissioning initiative.

Harmony Healthcare IT strives to get the project scope right up front to pave the way for a smooth implementation and avoid change orders. To do that, each source system will go through a data discovery process to help inform budgets and commitments.

How We Approach an Archive Program

Harmony Healthcare IT has put a standardized and repeatable data extraction, migration, and archival process in place so source data can be secured and stored with 100% integrity. Harmony Healthcare IT extracts discrete and summary data elements as well as images, migrating and organizing them into HealthData Archiver® or HealthData AR Manager® in such a way that the original environment is reflected.

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Project Plan Milestones

Kick Off

An initial kick-off call will include demonstrating HealthData Archiver® for your whole team, aligning resources, setting expectations and reviewing high-level project timelines.


Data is mapped to the specification and HealthData Archiver® is configured within a validation environment. Your Project Manager will keep you informed on progress until the data is loaded.

deploy & close

HealthData Archiver® will launch, online training will be provided and product documentation reviewed. A transition to our support team and portal ensures all admins and users know how to contact us and access product information.

access & extract

Work closely with our System Analysts and Implementation Specialists to identify necessary data requirements.  Our team will establish access to your legacy system and begin extracting the data.

Validate & Approve

Once data is loaded, testing and validation begin with accuracy being checked by resources from both teams. When both parties are satisfied, preparation for deployment will begin.

Resource Planning

Key players needed for a seamless data archiving process

Harmony Healthcare IT Team Members

Project Manager

Your dedicated, primary contact who focuses on clear communication, timelines, and general coordination. Acts as the liaison between your team and ours.

Executive Sponsor

An executive-level contact who oversees and ensures project success.

Systems Analyst

A technical resource who establishes secure system access and manages data extraction and transfer.

Data Integration Team Lead

Manages the team responsible for data transformation and mapping to HealthData Archiver®.

Implementation Specialists

Focuses on defining requirements, configuring the system, performing data validation, and training new users on HealthData Archiver®.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Specialist

Delivers PII for our team members so secure access to systems may be gained.

Client Team Members

Project Manager

Receives updates and communicates them to your leadership team. Also assists with all communication and identification and scheduling of technical subject matter experts.

Executive Sponsor

Serves as both a champion and escalation point for your Project Manager if any issues or concerns arise.

Technical Resource(s)

Helps establish connectivity to each source system.

Subject Matter Expert(s)

Helps define and validate data specifications and HealthData Archiver® configuration.

End User Trainer

Assists with training users of the archive.

Data Governance and Operational Team

Makes decisions around the types and amount of data to be migrated or archived.

Account Management

Cultivating a long-term partnership.

It’s likely that other legacy systems within your organization will need to be decommissioned. Your account manager will assist with future system retirement by:

  • inventorying
  • prioritizing
  • scheduling

This will include:

  • Putting a legacy data management strategy into place
  • Developing statements of work for new projecs
  • Performing routine account reviews to ensure our goals are aligned

Ongoing Support

Live helpdesk support from our team of technicians and medical retention specialists is always available to clients. Learn more about Client Support here.

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