Oracle Cerner EHR Data Migration and Archiving

Oracle Cerner, the nation’s second-largest hospital electronic health record (EHR) vendor, is growing.

Harmony Healthcare IT has in-depth experience with Cerner Millennium® modules, data types, and third-party software. Legacy data management with HealthData Platform™ supports migrations to and from Oracle Cerner and other EHR vendor solutions. This ensures healthcare delivery organizations of all sizes have seamless options to harmonize legacy data, keeping active and historical patient records accessible, secure, interoperable, and available for analytics.


Migrating to or from Oracle Cerner – We Have Your Legacy Data Handled

Healthcare providers in merger and acquisition mode will need to rationalize its technology to select a go-forward EHR application. Typically, two years of clinical data is converted to the selected EHR. The rest of the clinical data — along with historical enterprise resource planning (ERP), revenue cycle, and other system data — is extracted and consolidated into an active archive like HealthData Archiver® . Through secure Single Sign-On capabilities from Oracle Cerner or another go-forward EHR, the archived clinical data is then available to clinicians at time of care.

Hear advice, from a CIO, for undergoing a conversion and archival project. Getting data from a legacy vendor can slow things down significantly.

View the full CIO podcast here.

Experience with Cerner Millennium® Matters

Our team has deep knowledge of the intricacies of Oracle Cerner solutions. This includes supporting the full suite of Cerner Millennium® export specifications. With expertise in blob data storage and event tables, we can activate targeted data extractions utilizing CCL (Cerner Command Language), creating MPages with standard and custom views, and more.

We have extensive experience working with core Oracle Cerner Millennium® data as well the many dozens of modules (i.e., PowerChart, RadNet, SurgiNet, PathNet, CAMM, Blood Bank, Flowsheets, and many more). This includes Oracle Cerner extended components such as FetalLink and P2Sentinel.

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A HealthData Platform™ for Legacy Data

When a decision is made to migrate to Oracle Cerner or another new go-forward EHR, developing strategy for legacy data is a best practice. Here are three steps to help you successfully convert to a new EHR and ensure your legacy data is in sync.

  1. Document a System Inventory

    It is vital to know the details of source systems you are targeting for retirement when switching EHRs. This inventory tool will log legacy system details to help scope the required levels of effort for data extraction, migration and retention. You can also identify contract renewal dates, system static dates and A/R wind down plans to prioritize the order in which systems will be targeted for decommission dates.

  2. Create a Legacy Data Management Strategy

    It is important to have a plan for what data will be migrated to Oracle Cerner (or any other go-forward EHR) and what data will need to be retained and accessed in an archive solution. This tool can help guide your EHR change management planning and inform system decommissioning and data archive initiatives.

  3. Select an Archive Vendor

    Consider the most important factors in choosing your partner, such as security posture, product features, system experience, and project management philosophy. This RFP template can help inform your request for information or proposal solicitation for a vendor to secure your records long term.

Cerner CommunityWorks

Oracle Cerner’s CommunityWorks program allows health systems to extend their Oracle Cerner instances to nearby medical facilities which gain access to Cerner software without the need to hire internal support teams or purchase infrastructure.

Harmony Healthcare IT can assist organizations moving to CommunityWorks with Cerner data migration, and then archive the data from the legacy systems for staff to access historical patient, employee, and business records in a secure and cost-effective solution.

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