From CPSI/Evident to Cerner: Critical access hospital partners with Harmony Healthcare IT for data extraction

Case Study Jackson Parish

Jackson Parish Hospital was in the process of transitioning from CPSI/Evident to Cerner. Making the transition to a new electronic medical record (EMR) can result in a wide range of challenges including difficulty reconciling data between the two and problems with extraction from the legacy EMR.

Dr. Jason Thomas, COO/CIO at Jackson Parish Hospital, knew he needed an experienced company to manage the data extraction–one that could help him manage any potential issues.

Jason Thomas, Ph.D.

“When it comes to being willing to recommend Harmony, it’s an absolute yes. I look forward to taking on the archival project in the future, once my conversion is complete. Harmony goes above and beyond.”
– Jason Thomas, Ph.D., Chief Operating/Information Officer, HIPAA Security Officer, JACKSON PARISH HOSPITAL


Thomas opted for Harmony Healthcare IT to handle Jackson Parish Hospital’s data extraction. The primary reason for this choice was the trust and relationship that his Harmony sales rep took the time to establish and cultivate.

“We had been in talks with Harmony to have them handle our data archival post conversion so that we could shut down the legacy system when we were ready, but still retain access to that full dataset afterwards. When our sales rep asked us if we’d thought about bringing some of that data over directly into the new production system, he said they had experience in both platforms and could handle that extraction and import of the data too. We knew of no one at the time that could do what we needed short of CPSI and had pretty much written off that option. His suggestion was a no brainer – I have so much trust in him and Harmony. They are never just trying to sell me something. They are a true partner.”

Harmony was able to help navigate the sensitive extraction process, ensuring that there were no issues transferring data from CPSI/Evident. “Harmony told us exactly how to approach [our existing EMR], what questions to ask, and how to prep the system to get the data out. All the pieces lined up and the extraction was executed perfectly.”

In the process of preparing the data from CPSI/Evident and uploading it to Cerner, some reconcilability issues arose. “We have had a few issues during the process. Harmony has had to massage the data so it fits perfectly to the format that Cerner wants it. Every time there has been a road bump, we let Harmony know. They never point fingers or complain. They just fix the problem the same day, every time,” Thomas said.

On Time & On Budget

“Harmony has stuck to the timeline and budget perfectly, which has meant no surprises to me or my Board.”

J. Thomas

Excellent Project Management

“The Harmony project team has been fantastic. I can step away from a lot of meetings [between Harmony and Cerner] because Harmony handles it. My Project Manager has everything down.”

J. Thomas

Peace of Mind

“I don’t have to worry about anything with Harmony. They have it down pat. They keep me updated on anything I need to know. I don’t have to hold their hand.”

J. Thomas

Jackson Parish

Oct 03 2019

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