Whether your organization is implementing a new software or looking to rationalize its portfolio of legacy applications following a system move, merger or acquisition, a smart data management plan can save you time and money.

Maintenance of old software and servers can be a drain on employees and budgets. An active archive as part of a healthcare legacy data management strategy can alleviate that burden and provide a return on investment.

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How is an archiving solution priced?

Once you’ve captured a comprehensive inventory of legacy clinical, financial and business systems at your healthcare delivery organization, a next logical step is to establish a budget.

HealthData Platform™ is offered in standard, enterprise and Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing models to accommodate the legacy data managements needs of any size healthcare delivery organization.

To provide accurate pricing for migration and data archiving projects up front, Harmony Healthcare IT asks questions about the data source, including source system name, version, database size, image store size, number of providers/beds, whether the legacy application was deployed on-premises or in a hosted environment, and more. The questions may vary based on the system type to inform a scope of work.

There are four basic components to HealthData Platform™ pricing:

  • An inventory intake is needed for a solid legacy data management strategy

    Professional Services

    An inventory of legacy systems helps inform a level of effort that accounts for the time it will take to extract, map, migrate, validate, retain and integrate the data based largely on the complexity of the database structure, as well as the volume of data, for each system.

  • Liencsing


    As our active archive solutions store data from multiple legacy systems and data domains (i.e., EMR patient data, billing data, materials management information, HR/payroll records, etc.), they are built to be highly scalable. Licensing is configured per data source for an unlimited number of users.

  • Maintenance & Support

    This nominal fee keeps HealthData Platform™ up-to-date and secure. It is important to note, when considering the handling and storage of protected health information (PHI), that Harmony Healthcare IT maintains HITRUST CSF® certification and is considered to be “in maturity,” complying with a high volume of security controls.

  • Hosting

    Our archive solutions are available in a fully managed cloud offering, inclusive of real-time 24/7 security services and expert administration to provide assurance. A simple pricing model supports unlimited users and is inclusive of workload, data volume, interoperability and authentication services to eliminate surprises in the budgeting process.

How is a data extraction
or conversion project priced?

For a data extraction and/or migration or conversion project in which Harmony Healthcare IT is not hosting data or providing access to use one of our licensed products, pricing would be comprised of Professional Services fees. This accounts for the level of effort required to extract, map, migrate, and validate the data which is largely based upon the complexity of the applications, their database structure, as well as the volume of data.

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