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10 things to consider when switching EHRs

10 Things to Consider When Switching EMR or EHR Platforms

When to transition EHR or EMR systems With most healthcare enterprises operating 10 EHRs with 16 EHR...

Apr 24
Spring cleaning your legacy data

Four Steps to Tackle Legacy Data Spring Cleaning

If your organization has accumulated a collection of out-of-production software applications, it is time to cut the...

Apr 01 4 min read
Patient Matching Matters

Why Patient Identity Management Is A Major Concern in Healthcare

A patient’s medical record has zero room for error. The electronic healthcare data that is generated and...

Mar 25
Cost Savings Achieved with Archiving

Achieve Cost Savings with Archiving

There is a major push in healthcare to achieve full data sharing capabilities. This includes data exchange...

Mar 21
7 Steps for a Successful EHR Implementation

Seven Steps for a Successful EHR Implementation

The reasons behind EHR replacements span from a desire for efficiency improvements and improved security to the...

Feb 28 2 min read
Native American Behavioral Health Issues

Improving Technology Supports Better Behavioral Health Outcomes for American Indians...

There is new hope for improved behavioral health equity for the nearly three million American Indians and...

Jan 30
Options for replacing Oncology EMRs

Options for Replacing Oncology EMRs, such as Elekta’s MOSAIQ

Nearly 40% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Currently, cancer diagnoses are...

Jan 15
Home Health will benefit from interoperability

Home Healthcare Interoperability & Record Retention Requirement

The rise in home health care is driven by three things: Post-COVID-19 care models, the increasing number...

Dec 04
Rural Health organizations can benefit from data archiving

Defeating the Health IT Hurdles in Rural Healthcare

The state of rural healthcare In the U.S., 97 percent of the country’s land mass is rural,...

Nov 16

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