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Native American Behavioral Health Issues

Improving Technology Supports Better Behavioral Health Outcomes for American Indians...

There is new hope for improved behavioral health equity for the nearly three million American Indians and...

Jan 30
Options for replacing Oncology EMRs

Options for Replacing Oncology EMRs, such as Elekta’s MOSAIQ

Nearly 40% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Currently, cancer diagnoses are...

Jan 15
Home Health will benefit from interoperability

Home Healthcare Interoperability is a Game Changer

The rise in home health care is driven by three things: Post-COVID-19 care models, the increasing number...

Dec 04
Rural Health organizations can benefit from data archiving

Defeating the Health IT Hurdles in Rural Healthcare

The state of rural healthcare In the U.S., 97 percent of the country’s land mass is rural,...

Nov 16
Payers Face FHIR, API Adoption and Next Steps for Interoperability

Payers Face FHIR, API Adoption and Next Steps for Interoperability

The 900 U.S. health insurance companies known as “payers” are a key link in keeping the wheels...

Nov 03
Pharmacies need access to legacy medical data

How Can a Specialty Pharmacy Access Complete Medical Records?

The number of specialty medications to treat complex conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis...

Oct 16 3 min read

USCDI: Supporting Interoperability Requirements of the Cures Act

Written by David Navarro, Senior Director of Data Science, Harmony Healthcare IT What is the USCDI? United...

Sep 15 5 min read

Hospital Data Growth: Key Considerations for Healthcare Enterprises

How much data does healthcare create? Hospitals produce in the petabytes of data every year. With the healthcare...

Aug 21

Legacy System Centralization for Continuity of Care, Workflow Efficiencies and...

The Organization Advanced Vascular Surgery, an independently owned and operated division of Paragon Health, is a specialty...

Aug 04

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