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2024 MATCH IT Act for Healthcare IT

MATCH IT Act Addresses Long Overdue Patient Matching Standards

There is a new bill in the works for an old problem. The Patient Matching and Transparency...

Mar 26
Patient Matching Matters

Why Patient Identity Management Is A Major Concern in Healthcare

A patient’s medical record has zero room for error. The electronic healthcare data that is generated and...

Mar 25
Mainframes management calls for a legacy data plan

Mainframe Modernization in Healthcare: 5 Things to Consider

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare IT is to evaluate and deploy the right balance of...

Dec 14

USCDI: Supporting Interoperability Requirements of the Cures Act

Written by David Navarro, Senior Director of Data Science, Harmony Healthcare IT What is the USCDI? United...

Sep 15 5 min read
Secure Record Delivery

Harmony Healthcare IT Launches Medical Record Consumer Access Solution

Harmony Healthcare IT (Harmony), a leading data management firm, released a new HealthData Integrator® offering, Secure Record...

Apr 12 2 min read

21st Century Cures Act and the Push for REST API...

Written by David Navarro, Senior Director of Data Science, Harmony Healthcare IT In June of 2020, the...

Mar 30 6 min read
disaster recovery plan

When Disaster Strikes: Protecting ePHI from all Kinds of Storms

Hurricanes, hardware failure, wildfires and cybercrimes all have the potential to create havoc on a health system’s...

Dec 21 4 min read
Visual Depiction of Medical Data Storage in the Cloud

Health Data Volumes Skyrocket, Legacy Data Archives On the Rise

By 2025, global estimates suggest 463 exabytes of data will be created each day. While it is...

Aug 04 3 min read
We've Got This

Data Archiving Features for HIM Professionals

Tasked with ensuring the integrity, privacy and security of medical records, Health Information Management (HIM) professionals are...

Jun 25

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