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Introducing HealthData Talks: A Data Management Podcast for Health Information...

Harmony Healthcare IT, a leader in health data lifecycle solutions, is pleased to release HealthData Talks, a...

Oct 12 2 min read

Cybersecurity Focus: Three Security Issues and an Archive Action Plan...

The story of healthcare being number-one for cyberattacks, unfortunately, continues. The three driving factors that create the...

Oct 07 6 min read

#ComplianceOfficerDay Recognizes Those Dedicated to Doing the Right Thing

There are not enough hours in one day to recognize all of the areas healthcare Chief Compliance...

Sep 23 5 min read

Hospital CIO Shares Insights on MEDITECH Upgrade and Archive

The beginning of the story at Magnolia Regional Medical Center may sound familiar. The 200-bed hospital in...

Sep 03 4 min read
Webinar Recap: Dismantling Risk and Realizing ROI with Data Archiving

Why Data Archiving Is Your Next Best Business Move

Today’s IT leaders and CISOs are inundated with an everchanging landscape of cyberattack headlines, interoperability challenges and...

Aug 27 3 min read
Mother Baby

What’s Behind America’s Declining Birth Rate?

Earlier this year, data from the United States Census Bureau revealed that the American population grew at...

Aug 02 5 min read

Podcast: Data Lifecycle Action Steps

Whether you are an individual practitioner, part of a large integrated delivery network (IDN), or someplace in...

Aug 02 2 min read

Compliance & Ethics Podcast: 11-minute Legacy Data Management Checkup

Healthcare legacy data may not be accessed daily; however, there are many considerations providers need to manage...

Jul 29 3 min read

Student Health Record Management – More than a 4-Year Plan

College students have unique health needs. Let’s take a quick look at the state of healthcare for...

Jul 27 5 min read

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