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Template for Creating an Inventory of Legacy Systems

Ready to decommission out-of-production EMR, billing, or ERP systems in your healthcare organization and put a legacy...

Feb 28
Advancing Health IT Globally

Harmony Healthcare IT Joins CHIME Foundation to Help Fuel Global...

Harmony Healthcare IT is pleased to announce it has joined the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives...

Feb 24 3 min read
stack of old and obsolete computer equipment

Health Data Lifecycle Management Considerations During Application Retirement

Every piece of hardware, software and data set has a lifecycle.  And often, the lifecycles don’t line...

Feb 15 3 min read
Home health care worker and an elderly couple

Active Archive Supports Expansion of Home Health Care Market

While we saw many shifts in healthcare over the past year, the growth in home health care...

Feb 04 4 min read
Compliance Officer Highlighter

Five Data Archiving Features for Compliance Officers

Healthcare Compliance Officers have a broad role to maintain regulatory and legal best practices within their organization....

Feb 01 5 min read
Coronavirus in China. Novel coronavirus, people in white medical face mask. Concept of coronavirus quarantine vector illustration.

The Promise of Health Data to Steer Clear of “Infodemics”...

Now more than ever, data has a big job to do. This includes the widespread expansion of...

Jan 28 3 min read
work smarter not harder notepad

How Health Data Supports Chief Outcomes Officers’ Three Priorities

New leadership roles and job titles are emerging. For example, we’re seeing the role of chief marketing...

Jan 21 5 min read
2021 Trends

Our Take: Five Health IT Trends for 2021

For those of us deeply invested in health IT, there are opportunities for innovation like never before....

Jan 07 5 min read

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