Single Sign-On to Archive Simplifies Clinical Workflows and Access to Full Medical Record


With physicians spending an average of five minutes for chart review per patient visit, it is important to make the all the data readily accessible. A consolidated archive of historical patient records with single sign-on access from the go-forward EHR can significantly enhance workflows and reduce time. This improves the experience of both the physician and the patient. With HealthData Archiver® from Harmony Healthcare IT, this single sign-on feature is available for most major EMR brands, such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and Athena.

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On average, physicians spend 16 minutes and 14 seconds using the EHR for each patient they see. About five of those minutes are for chart review while the rest of the time is for documentation and ordering. Those five minutes need to provide the physician with the complete medical record and information needed to best serve the patient.

Single Sign-On from the go-forward EHR to an active archive such as HealthData Archiver® provides clinicians with instant accessibility to the historical patient record. From their EHR, clinicians seamlessly connect, in patient-context, to the legacy medical record. This game-changing feature is available for most major EMR brands, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and Athena. It also supports numerous formats including: Oauth/OpenID, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) and others.

As clinicians rely on the EHR at the point of care, the complete medical record should be available to efficiently tell the whole patient story. This includes the most recent problems, allergies, medications, immunizations, procedures, and results, as well as legacy notes about relevant past encounters.  With a seamless connection between the go-forward EHR and active archive, gone are the days of searching through multiple systems to access information.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for legacy data availability, HealthData Archiver® offers the flexibility necessary and ensures critical health data is available when, where and how it is needed. This improves work flows, provides accurate data for patient care and supports efficient search.

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As EHR systems age or are replaced with a new go-forward platform, there are decisions that need to be made about how much data should be migrated to the go-forward EHR and how to securely store the remaining legacy data in an active EHR archive.

The data management experts at Harmony Healthcare IT deliver data no matter where it is needed.

We work with healthcare teams to map out and perform extraction, migration, conversion and long-term data management strategies based on retention guidelines and the organization’s needs. It’s important that your health data is available and actionable in either the go-forward EHR or the active archive.

Single Sign-On is just one feature that Harmony Healthcare IT EHR archiving clients appreciate. In the 2020 KLAS Research Performance Report, clients reported:

“The HealthData Archiver® software is integrated and easy to use. Patient records are easy to find. Other high points are that auditing and release of information capabilities work well.”

“Harmony Healthcare IT is absolutely part of our long-term archiving strategy. The product has been very easy to use. I think the benefits of it have been that we don’t have to keep aging equipment and systems around; the product has allowed us to retire and sunset additional software systems. From our standpoint, that helps with security and maintenance, and we don’t have to have FTEs maintain those old systems.”

Strong, useful product features also support the fact that 100% of clients surveyed by KLAS report that Harmony Healthcare IT is part of their organization’s long term plans. Ranked #1 in the category of data archiving by KLAS Research and with experience with more than 500 different EMR systems, Harmony Healthcare IT team members stand ready to roll up their sleeves and help healthcare IT teams work through their health data management projects.

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Dec 03 2020

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