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HIMSS Midwest Fall Technology Conference

Health Data Archiver at HIMSS Midwest Fall Technology Conference

Scott Kidder, Director of Business Development for Harmony Healthcare IT, will present on the topic of legacy medical...

Nov 03
Tara Williams

Long-term Storage of PHI: An Easy-to-Use Patient Data Archive

As technology evolves, IT Directors replace old technology with new. Due to cost and complexity, complete EMR...

Aug 27

At Risk? The Impact of System Replacement on Hospital Data...

When a hospital replaces an old system with new, it may be at risk with how data...

Jun 08

EHR Satisfaction Down, EHR Replacements Up, Archiving on Deck

A recently published from IDC Health Insights cites that nearly 60% of the 212 PCP and specialist providers surveyed are very...

Nov 18

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