Automated Patient Appointment Reminders for the Medical Manager®


No-show rates in medical practices can reach 30%, with community mental health centers experiencing rates of 10-15%. Harmony Healthcare IT partners with PhoneTree® to offer HealthWave Connect, a two-way patient communication solution that reduces no-shows by 70%. HealthWave Connect allows practices to communicate with patients via phone, text, and email, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings. Texting is an essential tool for reaching patients, making it a convenient and measurable tool for healthcare practices.

Throughout medical practices in the United States, no-show rates up to 30% have been reported for particular medical specialties. Community mental health centers face rates of 10-15%. A Medical Group Management Association study reported in 2015 that even well-run medical practices have an average no-show and last-minute cancellation rate of 12%. Some practices far less well, experiencing a no-show rate as large as 50%. This puts a damper on provider revenue. Decreasing the number of no-show rates directly correlates to an increase in revenue.

In order to learn how to decrease patient no-show rates, a solution to communicate with and remind patients of their appointments needs to be implemented. These steps include

  • Determine your current patient no-show rate using the Medical Manager software
  • Calculate your potential loss of revenue from no-show appointment
  • Learn how a patient reminder system can reduce lost revenue in your practice

At Harmony Healthcare IT, we partner with PhoneTree®, the original automated calling brand, to offer a solution to decrease these rates. PhoneTree created Healthwave Connect LogoHealthWave Connect®, a two-way patient communication solution that makes it easier for practices to keep in touch with their patients. PhoneTree has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has made HealthWave Connect a robust, highly customizable solution that is easy to use.

Features for the automated patient reminders include:

  • No software or equipment to purchase
  • Software upgrades included
  • Customized caller-ID
  • Auto retries for busy & no answer
  • Capture patient confirmations
  • Access 24/7 online

HealthWave Connect has reduced no-shows dramatically – as much as 70% which, in turn, increases revenues. The automated patient appointment PhoneTree Text email phonereminder functionality of HealthWave Connect allows practices to communicate with patients using phone, text and email. The cloud-based automated messaging solution also allows patients to respond back to these messages. This then speeds up appointment confirmations and records a trail of communication. Therefore, the overall efficiency of your office is increased you money is being saved.

Throughout the United States today, nearly 85% percent of Americans own a cellphone and of this, 80% of phone owners PhoneTree Texting graphicutilize texting. The HealthWave Connect texting function really produces results. Texting is essential today for communicating with patients — not only is it convenient for your patients, but also for your practice as it is proven to be highly effective and measurable. “People especially love getting a text message because they can keep it on their phone and easily pull it up later” – E-systems Manager for Radiology Practice. Source: Texting Is an Essential Tool for Reaching Patients.

For more information on how to construct the patient appointment reminders please contact Harmony Healthcare IT or watch our webinar.

Aug 02 2016

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