Sales Internship Leads to Full-time Position


Jake Carmola, University of Dayton graduate, interned at Harmony Healthcare IT, became an Associate Business Development Director, and gained valuable experience in the Healthcare IT industry.

Interning at Harmony Healthcare IT is an exciting and educational experience for many young professionals. Jake Carmola interned with Harmony Healthcare IT from June 2020 ­– May 2021 in a hybrid role.

“The culture at Harmony is great and very welcoming,” says Jake. “It’s a small but rapidly growing company, so you feel like you have access and help at all times, while also having the ability to meet new people and connect with coworkers either in the office or remotely.” Being in an environment where teams can collaborate meant Jake could learn and work at an accelerated rate.

Harmony Healthcare IT offers interns the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in an area they’re interested in. Jake’s interest in Sales correlated well with his role at Harmony Healthcare IT. In his day-to-day, Jake performed outbound outreach to prospects via email and phone to determine if they have a need for legacy data management. Jake focused on researching the market and articles that would mention acquisitions, closings, and openings of hospitals.

During his internship, Jake learned a lot about the industry and enhanced his communication skills. Jake is just one example of how Harmony provided the opportunity for someone to grow in their professional career.

“It’s great to have capable students who are willing to dig in and learn,” said Colleen Dalton, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager.  “By starting on the phones to resurrect cold leads, Jake quickly immersed himself into a new industry.  He quickly picked up on the language of our prospects and gained a solid understanding of the skills needed to support our sales efforts. Today, he’s working alongside a seasoned sales team member, continuing to soak in all the knowledge he can to best serve our prospects and clients in his full-time role as Associate Business Development Representative.”

Jake returned to Harmony Healthcare IT as a full-time employee with 10 months of internship experience under his belt. Jake’s story isn’t something that’s uncommon here at Harmony, as several interns have become full-time employees.

When asked what his favorite thing about working at Harmony Healthcare IT is, he stated, “My favorite thing about working at Harmony is the people. No matter if the conversation is in person or over a video call, each employee is so easy to work with, which is even one of our core values. It makes the whole working environment feel comfortable and we all know that we are working together on each project for one another, and the customer(s), not just for ourselves.”

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Nov 08 2023

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