Behavioral Health Software, PsychConsult by Askesis, Sunsets

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A recent request for information tells a familiar story of EMR market consolidation:

Our legacy Behavioral Health EMR, PsychConsult by Askesis sunset on April 1st of 2020. We have until April 1 of 2021 to find a way to extract our legacy EMR data out of that system in a format that our providers can easily access.

Healthcare providers that switch from PsychConsult by Askesis may choose to migrate all or some of their legacy EMR data into a newly-selected behavioral health system.  But, system-wide data conversions can be costly and complex. That makes archiving a nice alternative.

As you strategize around your legacy EMR data management plan and how to most efficiently handle the decommissioning of Askesis PsychConsult or other EMRs that end production, keep in mind that legacy data will also need to be addressed. Leaving an old system up and running as read-only – which is not always an option when systems are sunsetted — is a security risk that leaves your PHI vulnerable and open to data breaches. The best practice for safely and securely managing your legacy data is with an active archive.

When you look at the real cost of maintaining multiple legacy systems, including licensing, maintenance and support as well as the associated internal IT labor burden, the ongoing management of outdated systems becomes difficult to justify. Plus, the risk exists that the old systems may become obsolete and non-supported. Keeping the organization’s long-term vision in mind, there is business value and strategic benefits to adopting an EMR archive to keep legacy data intact in a searchable, manageable and HIPAA-compliant format.

Our team at Harmony Healthcare IT, ranked #1 in the category of data archiving by KLAS Research, helps healthcare providers consolidate data stores by decommissioning legacy EMR, HR and other administrative systems and securely retain patient, employee and business records across the healthcare enterprise. HealthData Archiver®, our long-term data storage solution, delivers a single point of access to maintain retention and compliance in a secure and searchable format.

We’ve worked with more than 500 different EMR systems. If it’s software in a healthcare setting, chances are we’re familiar with it or can quickly become familiar.

Faced with a sunsetting PsychConsult by Askesis EMR?

Connect with our team to walk through an efficient plan for keeping the legacy data management accessible within an active archive.

Jul 22 2020

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