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Patient Data Archived, but, What about Employee Data? HR Record...

Healthcare information management in the HR space requires a plan to manage current and historical employment records...

Aug 06

Record Retention for Physicians No Longer in Private Practice

Managing private practice medical records is a full-time job. There are record retention policies to adhere to,...

Aug 05 3 min read

Reducing Cost in the Technical Transition of Hospital M&A

In the event of a merger or acquisition, one of the roles of the chief information officer...

Aug 05
Data migration with bullseye

Six Healthcare Data Migration Considerations when Replacing an EHR

To migrate or not to migrate clinical data . . . THAT is a commonly asked question....

Aug 04 4 min read

Writing an RFI/RFP for Medical Data Storage

If your healthcare organization recently implemented new software, you probably have older health data systems to decommission...

Aug 02

Is Your Big Data Relevant?

Big Data is being touted as the panacea that will solve current challenges as government reforms create...

Aug 02

HIPAA Safeguards to Consider When Archiving

Healthcare providers deal with HIPAA privacy and security issues every day. Staff members follow strict processes to...

Aug 02
Medical Retention

Creating a Medical Record Retention Policy

It is essential that health organizations comply with medical record retention laws both in their state and...

Aug 01
EMR Replacement in hospital room

EHR Replacement Requires Plan for Legacy Patient Data

More than 95 percent of hospitals have implemented EHRs according to data from the National Coordinator for...

Aug 01

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