MEDITECH Customers Who Migrate to Expanse Platform Need a Plan for Legacy Records


EHR system replacements and upgrades are common in healthcare as providers continue to evaluate and upgrade to more robust platforms. Most of the time, about two years of legacy data is migrated to the new system with the remaining data left behind. An active archive is an efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution for legacy data from a MEDITECH, or any other, EHR system replacement/upgrade.

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MEDITECH is making healthcare headlines with the success of its Expanse EHR platform, and was one of only two EHR vendors to gain double digit growth in both hospital and acute care beds last year, according to the 2022 KLAS US Market Share Report…  More good news includes a 38% customer retention rate with 50 current customers migrating to Expanse rather than switching to another EMR vendor and an announcement about a collaboration with Google Health.

Magnolia Health Center Upgrades to MEDITECH Expanse – 20+ Years of Health Data Needs a Long-Term Home

Brian Davis, CHCIO at Magnolia Regional Health Center in Mississippi, and his team migrated to MEDITECH Expanse (formerly called MEDITECH 6.1) to better meet the organization’s needs. A MEDITECH customer since 1996, they decided to migrate two years of clinical data to the Expanse platform, which left more than 20 years of legacy clinical, financial (accounts receivable) and business data (payroll, GL) trapped in silos across each facility.

“We had legacy data sitting out there in unsupported, unpatched systems. We needed to get that data out primarily for regulatory purposes and then retire those applications,” explains Brian Davis, CHCIO, Chief Information Officer.

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Healthcare providers who upgrade to the Expanse EHR from a prior version of MEDITECH, or migrate from another EHR solution, need a strategy for legacy clinical, financial and HR records.

As healthcare providers work toward meeting 21st Century Cures Act requirements for broad regulations and specific interoperability use cases, all data – current and legacy – should be interoperable to ensure quality patient care and to support efficient clinical workflows.

Healthcare organizations can get so busy implementing and supporting complex enterprise systems that their legacy applications often remain active. That adds cost, labor, and risk to the IT portfolio. Harmony Healthcare IT specializes in clinical, patient financial, human resource/payroll and general accounting healthcare data management and EHR replacement. We can help when the strategy is to migrate as much clinical data into the go forward EHR system as the new vendor will allow. We also offer a cost-effective solution to migrate disparate legacy data sources into a single, secure health care archive.

There are numerous benefits of archiving legacy health data:

  • Exceptional usability in terms of Single Sign-On integration, navigation and the ability to easily find information
  • Detailed functionality including the ability to wind down A/R, release information within HIM workflows, and purge records once they’ve met the retention policy
  • Solid value with a focus on low reoccurring costs and a fair total cost of ownership
  • Scalability, as the archive is positioned to grow and accommodate evolving customer needs as additional EHRs are archived and decommissioned in the future

Health data management is what we do

Our team uses a variety of sources for information as well as what we know from our own experience of extracting, converting, migrating and retaining records from over 550 clinical, financial and administrative software brands commonly used in healthcare delivery organizations.  Our focus in managing data exclusively for the healthcare industry helps us to pioneer and deliver outstanding HITRUST CSF®-certified cloud-based storage solutions – HealthData Archiver®, HealthData AR Manager®, and HealthData Locker™ with options to enable stored data for interoperability with HealthData Integrator®.

Our team is ranked number one as the top Data Archiving, Data Extraction and Migration company according to Black Book™ Rankings, a division of Black Book™ Market Research. We’ve earned this ranking three years in a row. It underscores our commitment to keeping patient, employee, and business records accessible, usable, interoperable, secure, and compliant.

Are you a MEDITECH customer with a recent upgrade and need a plan for your legacy records?

We’re ready to connect and talk through your organization’s specific needs, challenges and next steps.


May 10 2023

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