The Promise of Health Data to Steer Clear of “Infodemics” and Deliver Global Good


What we’ve learned from 2020 is that an industry charge aimed at alerting decision makers about future health emergencies before they become a pandemic or an “infodemic” is necessary. While the 21st Century Cures Act enforcement dates take hold soon, a global collaborative competition called The Trinity Challenge offers financial support to help develop promising data-driven ideas to ensure we are better prepared – globally. We’re tuned in and ready to help on all fronts.

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Now more than ever, data has a big job to do. This includes the widespread expansion of wearable devices and remote patient monitoring that will up the volume of data points and data sharing across the health continuum that aims to provide better outcomes. However, there’s a lot that has to happen behind the scenes to enable a few simple clicks to provide value and usable information.  And, in some respects, there’s a long way to go before data truly is able to seamlessly travel everywhere it needs to be.

In terms of interoperability and big data analytics, one key area of focus in healthcare is to cut through the “infodemic,” which refers to the rapid spread of both accurate and inaccurate information about something, such as disease. There is a need for a central information repository that would improve the gathering and comparing of data related to acute epidemics. Access to data assets, broadening the commercial data that is available and bringing data providers and decision-makers together are all areas that need attention.

Health data sharing and integration are viewed as the game changers for the future.

The ONC Cures Act Final Rule, which implements requirements detailed in the 21st Century Cures Act, could sideline some EHRs who are unable to evolve to deliver the more stringent interoperability features that will allow health data to easily flow between providers, payers and patients.

The future of health IT is focused on integrating more data points into the patient’s health record and to have the technology tools that can track, record, share, save and deliver the information wherever it needs to be with just a few clicks.

This includes remote patient monitoring which can alert a patient and their physician of an issue that needs attention and help provide more data points to help with better care outcomes.

But that is just the beginning.

One exciting collaboration is focused on how data and advanced analytics could help predict and alert global leaders prior to a health crisis. The Trinity Challenge is a new initiative calling for ideas utilizing data-driven research and analytics to learn from the global response to COVID-19 in order to build stronger resilience in the future. The 22 founding members include private, public and social sectors who will review and reward millions in funding for the most promising data-driven innovations.

This is big. This is a global effort to bring the best data ideas from concept to fruition for the greater good of humanity. We like that.

We get that expectations for technology are evolving. This is our mindset every day as we continue to innovate and expand the depth, breadth and interoperability of HealthData Archiver®, our cloud-based data management platform. Our offerings include health data lifecycle management consulting, extraction, migration, retention and destruction of patient, employee and business records for small ambulatory clinics to enterprise-wide health systems. With experience with over 500 different clinical, financial and administrative software brands, we deliver data wherever it needs to be.

Is your team focused on the evolving needs of data collection and sharing? Does this involve replacing or upgrading your EHR and looking for the optimal solution to retain and enable health history? An active archive like HealthData Archiver® could support your success.

HealthData Archiver® is live in production on Epic’s App Orchard. Harmony Healthcare IT has been ranked #1 in the 2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report as a Category Leader in Data Archiving, and as the top data extraction and migration healthcare IT company according to Black Book™ Market Research in 2019 and 2020. We were also selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in Healthcare.  Most important, 100% of our customers surveyed have included our organization in their long-term plans – and that’s a data point that truly matters to us.

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Jan 28 2021

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