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HealthData Talks: Cold Data Storage

This episode focuses on all cold data and the best long-term strategies for managing and storing it. Our discussion with Jon Grenier centers on the specific cost and security benefits for healthcare organizations that implement cold data storage through an option such as HealthData Locker™.

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Key Moments

(0:21) The conversation begins with a high-level overview from Grenier of what cold data is and how it often needs to be retained for business and compliance reasons. Grenier also explains that cold data storage is frequently an economic decision.

(1:45) Larkin digs deeper, wondering what use cases there could be for cold data storage. Grenier elaborates, explaining that it offloads inactive data thereby freeing up space and reducing maintenance costs. This allows for server decommissioning and optimized storage resources, to name a couple.

(2:26) They take a closer look at how compliance and release of information workflows tie into inactive or cold data storage. Grenier mentions that if release of information is needed for that specific data set, then cold data storage would not be the right solution. Instead, he says, an active archive such as HealthData Archiver® would be the best approach.

(3:21) With this in mind, Larkin asks about the key benefits an organization could get from cold storage and infrequent access. Grenier describes each instance from cloud hosting to increased security and reliability to preventing an overloaded active archive with all the cold data that’s no longer needed. He adds that compliance and security are major factors in an industry with HIPAA regulations and that the key benefits of cold data storage help with those and other things as well.

(4:43) Next, Grenier shares details of HealthData Locker™, the cold storage solution that recently launched at Harmony Healthcare IT. He mentions the increased demand for the solution from clients and the differences in tiers available within the product. He adds that it was modeled it based on the demand and use cases that were presented from customers directly.

(7:09) Larkin asks about separate cases where a customer may need to access data more frequently than the current tiers allow. Grenier teases an upcoming third tier option based on customer feedback that would be a dedicated reporting database where you can dictate the times you could access the data.

(8:14) For organizations who need to retain data for long periods and needs more access than cold data storage allows, Grenier says there are plenty of options still available that are built for accessing data daily, from HealthData Planner™, HealthData Archiver®, or even HealthData AR Manager®.



Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Harmony Healthcare IT, utilizes her 25+ years of health IT experience to connect healthcare organizations with a team of experts that consolidate and modernize data storage to reduce cost and risk.

Jon Grenier, MPA, Director of Product Strategy at Harmony Healthcare IT. He has over 14 years of healthcare experience, focusing on improving patient and end-user experience and building high quality, scalable solutions to solve market problems. Jon strategically partnered with the nation’s largest health systems to develop, implement, and track targeted patient experience improvement plans. He delivered ongoing virtual and onsite advisory support to all levels of the client’s organization to improve the delivery of patient care, and was also instrumental in the design, development, and implementation of a new, consolidated digital platform working cross-functionally with stakeholders and clients to launch a best-in-class solution to the market. Today, he is responsible for the overall strategy, design and delivery of Harmony Healthcare IT products and solutions leading to quality implementation.


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