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HealthData Talks: Complying with Data Privacy in Healthcare

This episode we’re joined by Bridget Group, Corporate Counsel and Privacy Officer at Harmony Healthcare IT, as we delve into privacy laws surrounding health data and how privacy laws and regulations impact the work Harmony does.

(0:13) Larkin introduces guest, Bridget Group, Corporate Counsel and Privacy Officer at Harmony Healthcare IT. They start off with discussion around the 20th anniversary of the HIPAA privacy rule and the significance behind it.

(1:10) Group dives into privacy laws in the healthcare space, HIPAA is a very mature law, but recently in the consumer space, more importance is starting to be placed on how data is collected and used with laws at the state level.

(3:00) The conversation turns to how privacy and state laws are applicable to health IT vendors. Group explains that when new types of regulations come out, organizations look at the data they collect and make sure it is compliant with HIPAA and appliable state laws. After a customer can look at their whole data set, they pass requirements and obligations down to the vendor through agreements which the vendor must follow.

(4:30) Larkin asks how archiving data supports compliance with privacy policies. Group explains that archiving data centralizes legacy data into one location, allowing ease of burden for implementing and monitoring privacy controls and auditing.

(5:35) Group gives an example of a tenant in the privacy space around data access and whether an individual can make a request about information captured on them and how the request is filled. As a steward of patient data, Harmony has an agreement with it’s clients on how that record will be delivered to the patient.

(7:03) Next, other ways in which Harmony enables clients to respect privacy laws is discussed. Group explains Harmony follows HIPAA privacy principles, along with state laws applicable to customers data, and it is incorporated with Harmony’s standard operating procedure around data handling, all employees are trained on.

(7:38) Features built into HealthData Archiver® to allow Harmony’s customers to do their own data management such as audit logs, break the glass functionality, role-based access, and purge functionality are brought to light in detail.

(8:46) Group and Larkin end the episode with discussion around Secure Record Delivery and Record Release. Harmony is now able to engage with patients on behalf of their customers. With Secure Record Delivery, Harmony is able to send archived historical patient charts to a designated EHR endpoint.



Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Harmony Healthcare IT, utilizes her 25+ years of health IT experience to connect healthcare organizations with a team of experts that consolidate and modernize data storage to reduce cost and risk.

Bridget Group,
JD, Corporate Counsel and Privacy Officer at Harmony Healthcare IT, brings over 6 years of health information technology experience, working in solution planning, project and program management, and legal analysis.


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