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HealthData Talks: The Benefits of Single Sign-On

This episode focuses on an integration that can improve team efficiency—Single Sign-On from an EHR/ERP to an active archive like HealthData Archiver®. Our discussion with Jim Hammer centers on specific benefits to each department within the healthcare organization and the growing popularity in choosing it to enhance user workflows.

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Key Moments

(0:22) The conversation gets kicked off by Larkin introducing today’s main topic – benefits to integrating an EHR or ERP system to the legacy data kept in an archive. Hammer explains what Single Sign-On (SSO) is and how it enables in-patient context access to historical records, benefiting the clinical team and the patient.

(2:10) Larkin asks about the HIM team and how SSO might affect their daily workflow. Hammer points out they are often seeking the full patient record for release of information purposes or to fulfil a request for other legal or regulatory purposes. He adds for this team in particular, an increase in efficiency can be gained from the integration.

(2:44) They take a closer look at how the Revenue Cycle team could pair SSO integration with the A/R wind down through a collections management platform such as HealthData AR Manager®. Hammer mentions that any end user has an opportunity to take advantage of the streamlined workflows, including the Revenue Cycle professionals.

(3:25) Hammer adds that, for the IT department it’s about user satisfaction, usability, and decreasing support requests, as well as helping the organization as a whole provide better quality of care.

(6:48) Hammer details most organizations are making the purchasing decision to include SSO. But for those who didn’t choose it in the beginning, he says, the integration can be added at any time.

(7:50) Next, Larkin asks about the go-forward applications that make it available. Hammer mentions that frequent vendors such as Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Athena, etc. all have turnkey integrations developed (HealthData Archiver® is on the Epic App Orchard, for example), but Harmony Healthcare IT can work with clients and vendors on a custom solution if needed.



Host: Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing and Business Development, utilizes her 25+ years of health IT experience to connect healthcare organizations with a team of experts that consolidate and modernize data storage to reduce cost and risk.


Guest: Jim Hammer, PMP, SVP at Harmony Healthcare IT. He has over 25 years of experience in practice management and healthcare information technology. He began in healthcare as a Director of Business Operations at a large integrated delivery network in Northern, IL where he transitioned into health IT and led national implementation efforts for Medical Manager Corp (MMC, later merged into WebMD) and later served as Regional Director of Implementation.  An innovator, Jim strives to keep improving the company by encouraging the use of LEAN methodology in each area of the business.


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