Inaccessibility to Medical Records Prompts New Arizona Law


The importance of legacy data access and interoperability seen through the news. Legacy data is vital in many scenarios and when it isn’t it can have devastating consequences. When your data is scattered and in legacy systems it’s easy to lose track of or lose files permanently. This can cost massive amounts of money or even lives. In a young woman’s life, it was nothing short of devastating when her life-saving surgery stalled when her medical records weren’t able to be accessed.

Judicial Gavel and Scale

A high-profile case in which a young woman’s potentially life-saving surgery stalled due to her inability to access medical records has inspired a change in the law.

May 6th, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed in a new law requiring any Arizona medical provider going out of business to give patients access to their medical records. Should they not adhere to these guidelines, a $10,000 penalty and the denial of future facility licenses could be imposed.

This latest development shows just how serious the need for interoperability in the healthcare landscape is, and how lawmakers are starting to get on board with doing their part to move the initiative along.

As lawmakers continue to examine how best to address patient record accessibility when health organizations go out of business, it’s important to consider your healthcare facility’s data management plan.

Decommissioning legacy systems and archiving legacy data helps ensure that necessary medical records are available, accessible, and meet compliance.

Need help finding a solution for consolidating historical records and making them accessible for the retention period? Get ahold of us, we’re ready to help.

May 13 2019

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