CPSI Completes Acquisition of Healthland: Archiving Ahead as Rural Hospitals Decommission Legacy Systems

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Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CPSI), a leading provider of healthcare information solutions to rural and community hospitals, recently announced that it has completed its acquisition of Healthland Holding Inc. and its affiliates.

What does this mean for Healthland Users?
Just over a year ago, we reported that while CPSI initially mentioned plans to support and invest in Healthland’s Centriq platform, it only mentioned plans to support (but not invest) in the Healthland Classic platform.  In that blog, we explored what that might mean to Heathland EHR users and discussed data archiving as a potential pathway should legacy systems require decommissioning.

In a later blog, we provided a useful link to HISTalk’s webinar called “CPSI’s Takeover of Healthland” featuring Vince Ciotti and Frank Poggio.  Vince and Frank’s message was aimed largely at the approximately 1,000 hospitals and LTC/PAC facilities affected by CPSI’s acquisition of Healthland. They advised that, based on other major EMR/HIS takeovers, hospitals can get burned when the acquirer forces clients into a “take it or leave it” situation.

Next Steps
We encourage you to read each blog and to learn more about Health Data Archiver, a long-term patient data storage application that makes historical records available where you need them, when you need them. It allows legacy EMR systems, which in this case may be Healthland or CPSI, to get decommissioned and their maintenance costs, technical risks and IT labor burdens eliminated.

Get Started
Are you a current Healthland user impacted by the CPSI acquisition? Will you soon replace Healthland with another EMR?  Should you need assistance with Heathland EHR decommissioning, data extraction, migration or retention, contact our Healthland experts today.

Jan 19 2017

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