CPSI Acquires Healthland: Rise in EMR System Replacements to Follow?

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Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (CPSI) recently announced it will purchase fellow healthcare information solutions vendor, Healthland, to bolster its services to the small and rural healthcare market. While CPSI reports plans to support and invest in Healthland’s Centriq platform for years to come, it mentions supporting (but not investing) in the Healthland Classic platform.

What does this mean for current Healthland users? With health IT vendor transactions such as this one, it is not always clear how the combined suite of products will fare long-term. It is possible that Healthland Classic and even Healthland Centriq will sunset as options are weighed for how best to serve the rural and community hospital market with both development and operational efficiencies. Conversely, the CPSI platform (now branded as Evident) could go. Time will tell which way CPSI goes with their product strategy, regardless of intentions communicated as a part of the announcement.

Archiving as an option for Healthland and CPSI users Should any combination of the CPSI or Healthland products sunset over time, data archiving is always an alternative to the more costly and complex CPSI or Heartland EMR data conversion when one system replaces another. Harmony Healthcare IT, the makers of Health Data Archiver, specializes in decommissioning systems like Healthland Classic, Healthland Centriq and CPSI among other acute and ambulatory EMR systems. A well- planned legacy system and patient data strategy alleviates future IT costs, risks and burdens as platforms come and go. Storage and archive of CPSI Evident, Healthland Classic, or Healthland Centriq offers a secure, long-term solution that ensures data integrity and meets all HIPAA requirements.

When you look at the real cost of maintaining multiple legacy systems, including licensing, vendor support and internal labor support, the ongoing management of outdated systems become difficult to justify. Plus, the risk exists that the old systems may become obsolete and non-supported, which is a distinct possibility for Healthland Classic and Healthland Centriq with their recent acquisition by CPSI. Keeping the organization’s long term vision in mind, there can be business value and strategic benefits to adopting an EMR archive to keep legacy data intact in a searchable, manageable and HIPAA-compliant format.

Harmony Healthcare IT as an EMR archiving partner The team of data management experts at Harmony Healthcare IT can help when the strategy is to migrate disparate legacy patient and HR data sources into a single, secure archive. Complete ROI usually is realized in 18-24 months. Harmony Healthcare IT has experience extracting, migrating and retaining data for systems like Healthland Classic, Healthland Centriq and CPSI. Should you need to decommission any one of these systems, contact us.

If you have specific questions about healthcare information archiving, contact Harmony Healthcare IT or check out some of the resources on the Health Data Archiver website.

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Dec 07 2015

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