Legacy Data Options with the Sunsetting of EHRs like Healthland Classic


When an EHR platform like Healthland Classic is sunset, healthcare organizations select and move forward with a new EHR. Ideally, that new EHR will be integrated with an active archive solution – like HealthData Archiver® – to provide seamless access to legacy data that didn’t get converted to the new EHR yet must be accessible to comply with regulatory requirements.

EHR sunset

After acquiring fellow EHR vendor Healthland Holdings in 2016, Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (CPSI) later announced, in 2017, its intent to sunset the Healthland Classic EHR in 2019.  In the years following, provider organizations transitioned to new EHRs, however, not all of them took immediate action to archive the legacy data stored in Healthland Classic. Harmony Healthcare IT, a data management firm specializing in legacy record storage, has migrated and archived data from Healthland Classic for providers nationwide to ensure access to patient, employee, and business records for decades to come.

Just like an EHR automates workflows, supports better outcomes and can improve patient and provider satisfaction, so too can an active archive like HealthData Archiver® offered by Harmony Healthcare IT.  HealthData Archiver® securely delivers these same results.

The case study below describes how one regional health center replaced Healthland Classic with Epic, and archived the legacy records with HealthData Archiver®.

Case Study: Glencoe

As you strategize around your data management plan and determine how to most efficiently decommission Healthland Classic or another sunsetting EHR, keep in mind that the legacy data management must be addressed. Leaving an old system up and running as read-only can be a security risk that leaves your protected health information (PHI) vulnerable and open to data breach. With healthcare leading the world as the number one most attacked industry, it is critical to safely and securely manage legacy data with an archive. Add in the Cures Act requirements for consumer access to historical records, and an archive is a must-have for any healthcare organization.

Our team is ranked number one as the top Data Archiving, Data Extraction and Migration company according to Black Book™ Rankings, a division of Black Book™ Market Research. We’ve earned this ranking three years in a row. It underscores our commitment to keeping patient, employee, and business records accessible, usable, interoperable, secure, and compliant.

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Apr 14 2022

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