Harmony Healthcare IT Launches Legacy Record Indicator for HealthData Archiver®


New archive feature gives clinicians a “heads up” to historical patient records in EHR 

Harmony Healthcare IT Legacy Record Indicator

Harmony Healthcare IT’s latest first-to-market innovation, Legacy Record Indicator, provides a visual cue in the EHR signaling when there are patient records linked in the active archive, HealthData Archiver®. This advanced feature empowers healthcare providers with immediate knowledge that a historical patient record is present. This is important as legacy records hold years of historical clinical data and valuable insights into the patient’s medical journey.  

In healthcare, every minute saved by implementing more efficient clinical workflows supports improved patient outcomes. Currently, medical providers spend an average of 16 minutes per patient in the EHR with roughly five minutes of that time focused on chart review. Providing a visual indicator alerting the clinician to important historical patient health information reduces the number of clicks and saves the clinician time. 

“Our team is driven to innovate technology-based solutions like the Legacy Record Indicator to serve our customers and solve industry problems,” said David Navarro, Senior Director of Data Science at Harmony Healthcare IT. “This integration brings an immediate alert of historical records to clinicians at the point of care to improve workflow efficiencies and better inform treatment decisions.”  

With more than half of all adults (51.8%) in the U.S. with a diagnosed chronic condition (arthritis, cancer, heart disease, asthma, hypertension, stroke, etc.) and 27.2% with multiple chronic conditions, providing clinicians with a visual indicator to view the longitudinal patient history, only when there is a historical record present, supports a streamlined approach to comprehensive health information.  

Legacy Record Indicator benefits, include: 

  • Instant Identification – A visual icon alerts the user if a patient has an archived record from within the EHR’s patient chart.  
  • Single Sign-On Convenience – The ability to access archived records from the indicator button. 
  • Configurable Display – Options to choose where the indicator appears within EHR (i.e. story board, print group or navigation pane). 
  • Direct Integration – The indicator leverages HL7 v2 interface with a custom HealthData Archiver observation. 

This new feature highlights our concentrated effort and focus on improving the patient and clinician experience by advancing our HealthData Integrator™ capabilities. This integration improves the connectivity between HealthData Archiver® and the go-forward EHR by allowing Single Sign-On from the visual indicator within the active patient record.  

Legacy Record Indicator is currently available for Epic users. HealthData Archiver® is available in Connection Hub on Epic Showroom. Live and in use at many Epic customer sites since the integration was first made available in 2019, HealthData Archiver® supports efficient management of historical patient, employee, and business records. 

For more information about HealthData Platform™ and how it can serve healthcare provider organizations, visit www.harmonyhit.com. 

Note: Epic is a trademark of Epic Systems Corporation. 

May 20 2024

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