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Phishing Scam Illustration

When Healthcare Cyberattacks Become Repeat Business

What’s worse than a healthcare organization getting attacked by a cybercriminal?  That same healthcare organization getting attacked...

Oct 10
Compliance Regulations and Standards

What is the difference between HIPAA and HITRUST?

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a well-known acronym in the healthcare industry....

Jul 25
Conference Room

Getting the Right Legacy Health Data Governance Team at the...

Data Governance goes hand in hand with data quality. In healthcare, we see a continued push toward...

Aug 08
Big Data Health IT

Is Your Big Data Relevant?

Big Data is being touted as the panacea that will solve current challenges as government reforms create...

Aug 02

HIPAA Safeguards to Consider When Archiving

Healthcare providers deal with HIPAA privacy and security issues every day. Staff members follow strict processes to...

Aug 02
Data Reality

Colocation is Key to Secure Health Data Storage

As health care gets more connected, the volume of data is growing at exponential rates.  Providers, patients...

Jun 24
Doctor checking on child in hospital

Clinical Data Needs to Greet Patient at Every Turn

Patients are on the move. Over one patient’s lifetime, they may visit numerous specialists, have a few...

Apr 10
Abandoned Shopping Mall

What Hospitals can Learn from Big Box Stores

In a recent article by Becker’s Hospital Review, the author suggests that hospitals face the same low...

Feb 14
Server Data Vaulting

The Benefits of Electronic Data Vaulting for Medical Practices

Running a daily system backup to tapes is often routine for office managers. Although this method has...

Dec 12

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