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10 Privacy and Security Questions to ask your future data archiving partner

10 Things to Know Before You Put Your Trust in...

When migrating personally identifiable information (PII) from one database to another, privacy and security are critical.  Because the...

Aug 27

Four Tips to Fortify Defenses for Protected Health Information (PHI)

A new report by Verizon claims that healthcare is the worst industry in terms of stopping insider...

May 14
Hacker hacking healthcare

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Healthcare Groups

More than four of every five US physicians (83%) have experienced some form of cyberattack, according to...

Apr 26

How One Click Could Shut Down Your EHR

Early cybercrimes of the 1980’s, like the "AIDS" Trojan (also known as "PC Cyborg"), triggered a payload claiming...

Apr 19
HIMSS Cybersecurity Command Center Video

Cybersecurity Tips for Legacy Data Management Featured in Video from...

The one big, yet easy way to defend your health system’s data from cyberattacks was the theme...

Apr 11
HIMSS 2018 HealthData Archiver

Harmony Healthcare IT Presents Tips at HIMSS18 on how Legacy...

South Bend, IN – March 5, 2018 – As healthcare tops the list as the most cyberattacked...

Mar 05
Internal PHI Threats

Is your ePHI and Legacy Data Protected from Internal Threats?

Still a newcomer to the title of most cyberattacked industry in North America, healthcare has its work...

Mar 02

HIMSS18: Defend Against Cyber Attack with Healthcare Legacy Data Management

The New Year offers a fresh opportunity to reflect on the state of healthcare data management and...

Jan 10
Businessman holds Ipad Cybersecurity

Healthcare Remains Active Target for Cyber Security Threats

Healthcare ranks in the top four industries for cyber security risks according to a report by the...

Apr 19

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