Archiving as a Solution when Replacing Existing Medical Practice Systems


Industry reports suggest that almost half of large hospital systems and almost a third of outpatient/ambulatory providers have system replacement plans before the end of 2020.

Across the industry, hospital system executives are seeking highly functional, customizable and integrated practice management, revenue cycle management, and electronic health records (EHR) systems. The reason for replacements is consistent – to elevate their IDN practices and implement a new system with the hopes of consolidating technologies and better aligning with the organization’s evolving needs.

Enter Data Archiving

Data archiving is a solution for any ambulatory or enterprise health system faced with replacing a variety of information management systems. Once those systems are replaced, keeping them up and running solely to meet record retention requirements becomes a big risk.

  • Servers and infrastructure ages
  • Software must be patched to be protected from hackers
  • Staff members who know how to navigate the displaced system may leave the practice for a new job

For these and other reasons, legacy data management and EHR systems pose technical risk for the provider, not to mention cost and labor burden. And, should release of information be required to fulfill requests from patients, lawyers, employers, payers or auditors, the historical medical record must be accessible and easy to share in a HIPAA-compliant format.

Secure, compliant, long-term PHI storage in an electronic health data archive solution helps manage the legacy application portfolio, minimizing the volume of legacy EMR, ERP, GL, Accounting or HR/Payroll applications, saving on maintenance contracts, mitigating technical risk, and reducing labor burden.

Data archiving is also a key component to 57% of healthcare professionals reporting that, in the past five years, their experience has been positively impacted by having access to patients’ full medical history, which includes legacy data.

Learn More About Archiving

Our team is in the field daily with practices and enterprises that are refining and managing the mountains of information they are required to retain. We see, and are a part of, the critical decisions about how to ensure the information is accurate, available and secure for years to come.

At Harmony Healthcare IT, our mission is to preserve vital information to improve lives with our product, HealthData Archiver®, which delivers cost-savings, information access and transaction posting benefits. It also fortifies defenses against cyberattack by providing a single and secure storage place for disparate silos of legacy data.

If you’re looking to replace multiple existing medical practice systems, connect with us to talk about a lifecycle data management strategy.

We’re ready to help preserve the data in your care that is required and necessary to improve lives.

Jan 22 2020

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